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What Is The Biggest Obstacle in Quitting Smoking? | Vaping It



If you are trying to quit smoking then you must be aware that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. It is possible that you decided a quit date and then tried to stick with it will all your will power. No matter how hard you try there will be events and circumstances that will trigger the urge to smoke a cigarette.

At this point some people fail to keep their promise made to themselves or to their loved ones and once again gets into the trap of smoking. Their mind tries to convince then that “Just one puff is not going to ruin your life!”

I’m sure you are familiar with these situations. But that’s not really important here. What’s really important is what can you do to stay with your own decision to not smoke a single cigarette again.

The primary reason why people fail in quitting smoking multiple times is they are try to overcome the action of smoking rather than the “urge to quit smoking”. Unless you find out why you crave for poisonous cigarettes you will continue to fall into a cycle of trials and failures. That’s why the biggest obstacles in quitting smoking is not the external evens that cause you to break your promises, but the internal craving for cigarettes.

Now the golden question remains unanswered and that is how can you turn the craving for cigarettes into a life changing experience.

Look, what I’m going to tell you can be disturbing, but unfortunately is true. You smoke cigarettes not because you like them, but because deep inside, you have lost a reason to live your life with a passion. May be when you were a child, you got hurt terribly in your heart by some person or event that cause near to permanent damage and resulted in losing passion for life.

That is why to satisfy the inner child you need a cigarette, because it makes you free of problems and deep dissatisfaction temporarily. The solution to this could be to find and do things that you absolutely love to do. It could be sketching, cycling, traveling to new locations, playing musical instruments, sports activities, etc. In addition, you can quit smoking gradually by vaping. This is now considered as one of the safest alternatives for traditional cigar. It also comes with the best mtl tank.

If you do this without expectations of any sorts, you will be able to express your own unique voice with passion and will boost your self-image. The lack of positive self-image is the primary why you went through the path of smoking. Once you feel that your passion is helping others to lose their stress, you will no longer need a cigarette to satisfy yourself.

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