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What Are The Differences In Between Angled And Straight Spotting-Scopes?



If the body style of the spotting-scopes is not properly decided then your hunting focus and concentration might get disturbed badly. Two key types of spotting-scopes are available these days and they are angled and straight spotting-scopes. Both these spotting-scopes vary widely from each other especially in terms of design, usage and features. Hunters choose them individually for specific purposes.

Angled vs. straight spotting-scope:

Purpose of usage:

Straight spotting-scope works really pretty well for target-range hunting purpose especially when you find looking lower to your level seems quite critical. It is for the birding purpose that angled spotting-scope serves the best. In this case, you can at least look upward in a comfortable manner. Therefore, now you can see that it is nothing but the spotting scope or purpose that decides everything out here.

Targeted users:

Casual anatomy usage is being fulfilled by angled spotting-scope. If you are a professional hunter and frequently go on bird hunting then angled spotting-scope will be useful for you. Therefore, hunters of specific skills can use it but straight spotting-scope is dealt by hunters of varied skill-level.  These spotting-scopes are much friendlier than angled ones and targets can be spotted faster and easier with their help. Beginners are pretty comfortable to deal with straight spotting-scopes over angled ones.


Straight ones can be used more easily but this is not the case for angled spotting-scopes. Even if the targets are pretty far-off then also a closer view can be obtained without any obstacle and on the other hand directions can be set properly as per requirement. The levels can be adjusted well as a result of which the target can be hit accurately. The usage of angled spotting-scopes is a bit complicated I mature and thus if you are a beginner you might get confused in understanding the usage initially but will slowly get accustomed with a regular practice.


Straight options are very cost-effective to deal with. If you are a regular user then in that case you should always opt for straight spotting-scopes as an affordable solution. While on the other hand angled models are highly costly and thus you can use them occasionally. If you are quite passionate about bird hunting then certainly nothing other than angled ones can serve and in that case you have to go for this expensive option anyhow.


In terms of design, angled scopes are much advanced than straight ones. This advanced feature can make your hunting conducted in a completely optimized manner as a result of which you can get a satisfied output at the end of the day.

It has been recently found in many comments that customers are complaining that angled scopes are not that very flexible in nature and thus many of them are experiencing acute neck or shoulder pain because of using them for prolonged hours. Whereas if you consider straight spotting-scopes instead then you will find that they are comparatively flexible and comfortable to deal with. For a detailed info visit the site of

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