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Using Social Networks in Direct Selling Businesses



With the technology that is out there, social networking is endless. Sites like Facebook and TikTok with cheap TikTok likes allow big companies to home-run businesses to gather fans and followers for advertisement purposes. The great thing about these sites is that it is free exposure, which is great with the economy the way it is. Companies spend a lot of money advertising from basic ads to get known to promotion to recruiting, but social networks are changing that.

Connecting with customers whether they are new or old is necessary to keep a business up and going. Home direct selling businesses depend on social networking to work. You have to personally know someone who sells the products to purchase them. Therefore the internet is great, cause they can just go online and connect up. With sites like Facebook, new customers can go look up a company and get in contact with the sellers fairly easily.

Promoting products is a key element in social networking. The internet allows people to browse items with pictures and details of them. Then they know exactly what they are buying Small home businesses also have small parties to promote new products as well as the old ones. These parties allow the consumer to test products and even get free samples.

Learning about competition is extremely important, to see what other similar companies are offering and what prices they offer. Competing home businesses are Mary-Kay and Avon. Both offer makeup and all sorts of different beauty products. So with those two, it is all based on preference. Competition can happen at the top of the company all the way down to the bottom. The sellers can peak at other competitors’ sites or pages to see what they are doing in order to get more customers to come to them instead.

Cultivating word of mouth advertisement is a lot better with a strong social network. If you have good customers they are going to talk to their friends and ultimately make your business bigger. The internet is a good start off point if you are new to an area and/or don’t know anyone. It will let you get in touch to form a strong word of mouth network.

Recruiting new talent is necessary for home business direct selling companies. This is where social networking really comes in handy. When you recruit others either through online sites, or word of mouth, they will start selling under you and make you extra money. So it keeps your business growing as well as helping out friends and/or family who are also in business with you.

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