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Social Networking Sites Can Endanger Your Job



Social networking sites are the web sensation of this year but many people, in an attempt to up their page views, comments, and wall posts have resorted to If you are a professional and you are a member of a social networking site then this article is a must-read for you.

Have you recently been approached by your boss and or coworkers about your off the job and weekend behaviors? If so, the culprit is likely your social networking page. The reputation of companies relies heavily on their employees. This vested interest in the reputation of their employees has led to an increasing number of employers to check out social networking sites.

If you want to keep your job there are certain behaviors that you should avoid on social networking sites. After reading this article, be sure to check your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace pages for potential endangerment to your continued employment status.


It never ceases to amaze me that people will add random folks to their friend’s list. Know who is on your friend’s list and who has access to your page. Protect your information by keeping your profiles private.

Always remember that when it comes down to time for promotions your counterpart will sometimes resort to selling you out in an effort to get the promotion. The best way to avoid this is to not give them anything to go on.

Status Updates

Status updates are a really easy way to keep your friends and family updated on things such as prayer requests, community events, births and deaths, promotions, and moves. Many people like to use their statuses to post jokes and random tidbits of information which is perfectly acceptable but you always have those people who go over the limit and post vulgar and degrading statuses.

If you are a professional and your status contains profanity or vulgarity then you might need to reevaluate your status updates. The world-and your employer does not need to know everything that you do.


Many employers have a code of ethics to which their employees must adhere to. Be sure to check it out and make sure that none of your photographs reveal you participating in behaviors that would force your employer to reprimand or fire you.

Depending on your job it may or may not be acceptable to post pictures of you drinking adult beverages. Use your personal discretion but know that the decision that you make is one that you will have to live with.

It is never and I repeat never acceptable to post pictures of you engaging in adult behaviors no matter what your age is. Nudity and sex pictures are just not acceptable on social networking sites.


There are some outlandish applications on social networking sites such as Facebook. Be careful about which ones you add to your page. I would not recommend anyone posting the results to “What is Your Favorite Sex Position?” or “Which Porn Star Are You Most Like?” on your page.

Use common sense.

Wall Posts

The things that are written on your wall and the things that you write on other people’s walls can come back to haunt you. Some things are better off said in a message so the world -and your employer- cannot see it.

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