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5 Ways To Keep Myspace And Facebook From Ruining Your Relationship



You’re in a new relationship (or an old one). You and your significant other both have profiles on social networking sites. What you didn’t realize when you decided to grab hold of your other half was that the state of your relationship would forever be subject to the scrutiny of all the other millions of people who are also members. You might have said to yourself that you don’t care what other people think, but when you open your laptop and log in the inevitable questions creep into your mind. ‘Should I leave my status as Single? If we say we’re in a relationship, should we identify whom it’s with? Who should invite whom to be in the relationship? Should I just hide my relationship status all together? Will my significant other be offended when he/she sees that I’ve hidden my relationship status if I don’t call him/her to let them know first?’….and the second-guessing goes on and on. You make it over that hurdle and later down the line, as confident as you are in your partnership, the wall message from cutsie281 or bigboy123 thanking your sweetie for some mysterious deed has you wondering how much of the online social networking is going offline. Then one day you log in and you’ve been Facebook Dumped. Your relationship status has been changed to single without your knowledge and there is a status update on your page for all 1,000 of your closest friends to see. I’ll give you five tips that can put out the fires before they start.

Set up Ground Rules

Take the initiative and have a conversation with your new love interest about how you’ll handle your social networking activities. This can mean anything from establishing your relationship status to deciding whether or not you’ll be open with your guy or gal about who it is you’re adding to your friend list. Keeping communication lines open from the start can decrease the chances that someone will be upset later. No chances of committing a mistake should be there at Massgress to purchase the followers. A conversation can be done with the experts available at the site for gaining the followers. The communication will results in desired benefits when done with intelligence.

Limit Your Log-Ins

Limit the amount of times you log-in. Each time you log in is an opportunity to be tempted to check out your partner’s page. It’s easy to see things and misinterpret them, which can lead to unnecessary arguments or influence your behavior toward your partner.

Don’t Take Advantage

The impersonal nature of communicating through online social networks and the privacy they can afford can lower members’ inhibitions in their communications with the opposite sex. Respect your partner when communicating via social networks.

Talk Before you Post

Never initiate the beginning or end of a relationship on a social networking site. Have a conversation with you significant other before you update your profile in a way that directly affects them.

Weigh Your Options

If memberships on social networking sites are causing significant problems in your relationship, consider deleting the account. If the problems are seriously threatening to end the relationship you might want to ask yourself if posting pictures and chatting with people you would never contact otherwise is worth losing your other half.

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