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How Good is Facebook?



Is facebook bad for college students? Facebook is a new social networking website that enables people to make new friends and keep in touch with the old ones. Now, facebook is open to anybody with an email address, but it was originally designed for just college students. Today many college students belong to at least one social network site, the two most popular ones are MySpace and Facebook. Is facebook a good idea for college students, or no?

On the one side Facebook is a great way for students to make new friends, especially when they are going to a new school. Beginning a new school can be scary and by meeting some people through facebook is a great way to eliminate some awkwardness. At college campuses across the nation the phrase “OMG you’re my facebook friend” could be heard. You can make friends on facebook by either joining a group that interests you or by requesting a person to be your friend.

Facebook is also a great way to keep in touch with high school friends. Senior Alicia Barnes, who attends Coastal Carolina, says she loves facebook. “It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends from home, and I view it as a public photo album. I’m able to show all my friends back home what I’m up too, and visa versa.”

Facebook looks like it’s just fun and games but, it can bad for many college kids. Facebook gives you the option of posting pictures on the website, and many students take advantage of that. Underage kids post pictures of them drinking thinking it’s the cool thing to do, but they need to remember facebook is part of the internet. Anybody can access these facebook pictures, college administration, parents, police, and even future employers. Now it is not uncommon for employers to look on facebook for information on future employees. “Nearly one quarter of employees have fessed up to checking sites such as Facebook and Myspace”, reports. Senior Molly MacField (fake name) was suspended from school first semester of her sophomore year. She had gotten in trouble with the school for alcohol related instances and on after her third offense, she was called into the administrations office and told she was suspended and needed to seek help. When Molly tried to talk her way out it, they pulled up many pictures that were printed from facebook.

Many college students need to learn all the facts about facebook before treating it like an online diary that has no harmful consequences. Hence, it is important to check on reliable sites like what you can see this here so you will be guided properly about the things that you need to learn about Facebook. Once everybody knows the facts, they can make up their mind. Some students chose to ignore the privacy options, but it’s best if students are fully aware of how many people can access this social site. So you can make up your mind if facebook is good or bad. As with everything else it has its pro’s and cons. It’s a great way to meet new people but it can have an impact on your future.

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