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Are Dogs a Cure for Depression?



Recently my boyfriend and I adopted a dog. I had been wanting a dog for so long and had the increasing desire for one when we moved to the city. My boyfriend got a full time job that required him to be out of town for 4 or 5 days out of the week. I instantly became depressed. I was home alone all of the time with nothing to do and certainly no one to hang out with. When we got our dog I could instantly feel the effects of his presence. I had previously felt alone, desolate, and depressed. Once we got the dog I felt like I had a purpose, an adorable, friendly, loving purpose.

Before we got our dog when I was at home alone and feeling depressed, which was pretty much ALL of the time; I would just sit there thinking about how crappy I felt. I never got out to exercise and I ate a lot of junk food; which only made me feel more depressed. When we got our dog he became my obligation; I had to walk him at least twice a day and toss around his toy with him. He got me more actively involved. This made me feel like a human being again and not so depressed and down on myself!

All the days of the week when my boyfriend was out of town I always had to go to bed alone. This was the time when I found myself the most depressed. When we got our dog we also got a kennel for him. We put the kennel right next to our bed. Most of the time he would sleep in there but when I am alone and maybe a little teary eyed he jumps on the bed next to me; he pushes his head under my neck and pushes all his weight onto me. This makes me feel the very opposite of depressed! My dog has the sweetest disposition and the cutest face I have ever seen he wipes the depression right away when he looks at me with his puppy dog eyes.

The most amazing part of having a dog is that when you get home or walk into a room full of people they will run, wagging their tails to YOUR side. This makes you feel like the biggest, most important person in the room and in the world. Dogs can make your depression disappear with their unconditional love and devotion. Hence, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that h is happy and healthy always. To give you some helpful tips about the proper ways of taking good care of your lovable dog, you can read more here.

I will say with a word of caution that dogs are a big responsibility. Getting a dog solely to cure your depression is not a bad thing but make sure that you love and cherish it as much as it will you. Don’t invite a dog into your life to help with your depression and then not do anything with it and in turn make it depressed. Work together as a team. You will reap some amazing benefits. Your dog can take away your depression for your lifetime if you let them.

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