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My Observations On Dogs



I’m a dog owner. I used to own three dogs, one turtle and one rabbit. I used to have a Dalmatian, a pit bull and a Chihuahua. I had a great time with all of them; they were very entertaining and loving. I observed many things about them that can help my future care for other pets. I think personal observation is very effective when it comes to understanding your pet.

All three of my dogs have one thing in common and that is they love for you to love them. They are hungry for love. My first dog Lulu is a Dalmatian female. She was the biggest out of my three dogs. Lulu was a sweetheart. She showed me so much love and she was very protective of me. She would bark very angrily if someone came close to me.

What I observed about Lulu is that she loves to be walked and for me to play with her. She loves to eat my food. She has more interest in my food than her own food. She loves to share everything with me. She even cries if she doesn’t get to sleep next to me. Lulu was very big so she has to sleep in her own area but she didn’t like that.

She would wake up at night and make so much noise because she wants to hang out with me. Whenever she sleeps she would put her face facing me, she would never look the other way. Lulu is so sweet, she would attacks me after a long day not seeing me, and it takes me about 30 minutes to calm her down.

I learned that Lulu needs my love and attention; she wants me to spend any time I have with her. I noticed that Lulu would eat other dogs waste when I walked her and so I would stop her from eating it.

Dog owners should not allow their dogs to eat other dogs’ waste because it will make them sick and you have to spend money at the Vet. Office. Dogs waste has bacteria and viruses that are not good for your dog. However, I saw that most dog owners allowed their dog to eat other dog’s waste; this is how their dog gets sick. It could be the number one reason why dogs get sick is by eating other dog’s waste and dirty things on the street.

You need to take care of your dog like you would of a child. One of the best ways ┬áto of that is by looking for more information, and educating yourself on how you should properly take good care of your dog. There are several and helpful information that you can get online. You wouldn’t allow your child to eat waste or dirty things on the street, and therefore you should not allow your dog to do this either. When taking care of your dog, if you take care of them like you would of your child, your dog will be in good health.

Treating your dog as you would with your child also is very important when it comes to behavior and emotional issues.

I observed that a dog has feelings just like a human being; they may even have more feelings than a human being. The worst thing about dogs is that they don’t know how to suppress their feelings like human does. They expressed them very clearly and persistently until they get what they want. Dogs are very needy for love and attention. Their needs can be more than that of a human being. They want to spend every second they can right next to you. A person would want some space but not a dog; they want their space right next to you.

I noticed that dogs get jealous often. They don’t like it when you play with other dogs. They don’t like it if you bring home another dog. They want to be the only one. My dog would smell me to see if I have been playing with other dogs. They would sit at the front door for hours waiting for you to come home. One of my dogs almost killed the second dog that I brought home. He almost killed himself in the process of fighting with the other dog.

When caring for your dog remembers to not allowed them to eat other dog’s waste and dirty things on the street. Remember to give them the care and loving you would for your own child.

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