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10 Airplane and Airport Conversation Starters



Another day, another airport – many men and women nowadays find themselves traveling constantly and on the move as they go from Palma airport to Cala Millor and so on. And, as can be expected, friendships start-up in the strangest places. But what can you say to start up a conversation with a stranger in an airport or in the airplane seat next to you to get the ball rolling? Read on for ten quick and easy conversation starters to find out if that person is Mr. or Ms. Right!

  1. Check out what book he/she is reading and comment on it. You don’t have to be a learned academic to have an opinion on every book written, just a general comment along the lines of “How to do you like that book?” can often be enough to break the ice.
  2. Comment on the weather. No one who travels is immune to the effects of the weather and anyone who’s been held up at the airport can easily relate to bad weather travel.
  3. Ask what sort of music he/she is listening to if you see an iPod. Many people love to talk about what music preferences they have and will even share files if you ask!
  4. Discuss the food. If you’re on a long flight or even a quick hop people love to talk about whether the airline food was edible or not – and if the local cuisine is good.
  5. Local restaurants and bars. Ask for references for good local eateries and bars. Everyone usually has their favorite bar or restaurant they can refer you to, and even accompany you along if asked!
  6. Computer problems. Any executive who has had their laptop suddenly crash during a flight can relate to having computer problems. Even if your laptop is in tiptop condition and you’re fine, ask if the man or woman next to you has had any problems with the new upgrades or even the type of computer they use.
  7. Check out the man’s/woman’s coat for pet hair. Then ask what type of pet and show interest – people love to talk about their pets!
  8. Ask if the trip is for business or pleasure. This is sure to lead to a discussion about their work or their entertainment plans!
  9. As the air attendant reminds everyone to put away their cell phones, ask about the cell phone he/she is using and what service provider he/she is currently with – everyone loves to give opinions!
  10. If the person is playing a video game, ask about the game. No gamer will hesitate to discuss the finer points of World of Warcraft or the newest Nintendo DS game with a possible recruit!

Breaking the ice at an airport or on an airplane can be intimidating, but not impossible. Check out these tips and keep them in mind next time you see someone you’d like to know a bit better at the airport or sitting next to you during the flight!

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