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Getting Cheap Deals on Flights: Those Who Are Flexible Need Apply



Let’s face it. No one really likes to fly. The least we can get out of this torturous inconvenience is a big fat cheap ticket! First class, at that. I can most always get a ticket to anywhere within the US for $200 and some change. That is, if I’m vacationing. Only then would I be maticulously planning to get the best deal because I simply know it’s out there. Otherwise, last minute business trips and other mandatory travels tend to choke a hold on my wallet.

Plan in advance. Way in advance. I can’t tell you how many times my (free-spirited and very spontaneous) best friend has disappointed herself by daydreaming of relaxing destinations only to wait until the last second to research plane tickets. A huge no-no! Needless to say, she has yet to go to Mexico for her tropical vacation because why pay $700 per person for a family of three?

Use a travel search engine to book your flight. Kayak ( is a great tool for finding the absolute best prices out there, as they search over 100 airlines and discount web sites in a few short minutes. It’s quicker, so you can only imagine how much time you’ll save! You’ll also have faster access to the best rates, because the clueless are still out there checking each site one by one by one…by one. Last tourist to book the cheapest flight to Europe is a rotten smelly egg!

This is an interesting offer where you can avail chartered flight from dubai to Mumbai at a relatively lower cost compared to other flights and Kayak is up to the job without the slightest inconvenience to any customer.

Be flexible. Let me explain that planning in advance also requires you to be a bit flexible. You’ve noticed how there’s always an option to search “flexible dates”? That’s where the discount could possibly come in, if you can switch your dates around. Sometimes if you’re open a few days before or after your requested dates, you can also fly cheaper.

You can even search the “flexible dates” before you give them a set of dates, and you’ll see great rates available for the next six months or so. (Quick tip: It’s better to search for a cheap ticket first before planning out vacation dates. It might be worth going to Florida in the spring vs summer if it helps your budget)

Sign up for fare watchers. Tell them you want to fly round-trip to Greece for under $500! A weekend trip to Boston for under $250! Wherever it is, they will notify you via email if the fare is ever available. If you’re available to go, (in a completely spontaneous kind of way), good for you! Book it and run.

P.S. I know you’re out there. You, who never has trouble finding a good deal even if you decide to go to Japan next week and you end up paying $300 or something ridiculously cheap. Not many of us are so lucky, and oh yeah, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway.

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