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Perfect Locations to Propose in Las Vegas



Las Vegas is well known for it’s totally unique and out there wedding ceremonies. You can walk down the aisle with Elvis, get married on an 1100 foot high roller coaster and even have an Austin Powers impersonator sing at your wedding! But, Las Vegas also has some very romantic places to propose.

A gorgeous moonlit night is one of the most romantic settings you can have. You can propose to the love of your life surrounded by millions of stars and glowing moonlight on the Top of the World tower at the Stratosphere Hotel. The observation deck is 109 stories high and offers miles and miles of breathtaking views.

Pick a clear night when all the stars will be fully visible and it will be a proposal that will never be forgotten. You can even return to the Stratosphere and have your wedding at the hotel’s Chapel in the Cloud’s or on the observation deck itself!

You might not be able to fly to Paris to propose, but you can have the next best thing. An exact replica of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas can provide the perfect air of romance for asking that special question! You can pop that special question at the top of the 460 foot tower that has a gorgeous panoramic view of the valley.

There’s not much that could be more romantic than watching the sunset on the water of Lake Las Vegas while gracefully floating along on an Italian gondola. The gondolier will even serenade you and your true love will you sip champagne and revel in delicious chocolates!

Gondola Adventure’s offer several packages geared towards setting the perfect romantic mood. For $25.00 the gondola will be covered in rose petals and you can purchase roses in a variety of colors, either a single rose, half a dozen or a full dozen. For a truly unique proposal you can have your message delivered in a bottle for $35.00!

If your idea of romance is a beautiful waterfall, mimic the look at the famous Bellagio Fountains! The spectacular water show has been made infamous in many movies and the spot of countless proposals. The water dances to choreographed music up to 460 foot in the air with amazing lighting effects that will take your breath away!

Don’t get nervous and just pop the question, wait until the water is dancing to the perfect romantic song. The fountains are running Monday through Friday from 3:00pm until midnight and on weekends they start at noon. They perform their magical dance every half hour until 8:00pm and then perform every 15 minutes until midnight.

When you enter the Tropical Rainforest at the Mirage Hotel, you’re entering a tropical paradise! You can propose beside a cascading waterfall surround by orchids and palm trees or beside a tropical lagoon! The 100 foot dome houses over 100 different kings of plants in a forest like setting of tropical flora.

The Mirage also has several other places that make a great place for that perfect proposal. The White Tiger Habitat can add a wild side to that special moment and The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat provides other options.

The Volcano at the Mirage Hotel is closed for renovations until late October of 2008. But, if you’re planning on proposing after October it’s the perfect place to add a little taste of danger and excitement to your proposal! While it might not be considered a romantic location by some, it will definitely be an unforgettable one!

A mild mannered fountain by day, the Volcano erupts every 15 minutes nightly from 7:00pm until midnight. The 50 foot high volcano shoots lava 40 foot in the air in an unforgettable display of 3,000 lights. And, audio is used to replicate the power of the eruption in thunderous sound.

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