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Why Would Somebody Want Pokemon Go? – How About This



This might be the question of millions of people who are not pokemon fans and might sound very genuine to them. You can say that the game asks you to step out of the house, and people are trying reckless things to catch a virtual pokemon. But if you see the other side of this, you will find that people got a new thing to do while on the move, especially. 

Those whose life was not much of a thing earlier now have an exciting and entertaining game to spice it up. People who travel a lot alone miss something exciting while on the move, and pokemon go has become their new en-route companion. Moreover, it has become the new medium to socialize with strangers and make some new friends.

Haven’t You Had Your First Pokemon Gym Fight? 

If you have only spent time catching more and more pokemon and haven’t entered a pokemon gym yet, then you are missing out big time. You can train your existing pokemon at the pokemon gym and have friendly battles with friends or other pokemon players present at the gym. Also, one can challenge the current gym owner for a pokemon battle and defeat them to become the new owner of the gym.

But we know that you can’t access a gym before you reach the minimum level required for it. And if you can’t wait anymore to have access to pokemon gyms, then you can visit pokemongoaccshop.comwhere they have a collection of pokemon go accounts available for sale with exclusive specifications of each.

Pokemon Eggs, Incubators, And How To Use Them Wisely

A pokemon trainer can get several pokemon eggs at the poke stop or get them as rewards in several instances. Now, these pokemon eggs don’t hath easily, and many of them ask you to cover a lot of distance to hatch. But to make it easier, there are incubators that are alternative ways to make the eggs hatch. Every incubator has a specific number related to it which reduces the distance for any egg by making it quick to hatch.

If you get an incubator, you should use it wisely for the eggs you have, and sometimes one can also get an infinity incubator that you can use for multiple eggs if used wisely.

Increasing Your XP Vs Powering Up Your Pokemon 

It could be challenging to decide whether you use your rewards and game resources to power up your pokemon or should you use it to increase your trainer XP. Only an expert player understands the value of the resources and knows how to use them wisely. But now you can also use the tip for your benefit, and experts say that always prioritize increasing the player’s XP overpowering up pokemon if you can do only one of them.

This is because high trainer XP gives you more advantage in the game than having a mighty pokemon unless you are at a battle. A powerful pokemon is only helpful in a battle, but high trainer XP is more valuable in general, letting you unlock more premium features of the game.

Get A Fully Loaded Pokemon Go Account With Exclusive Pokemon 

If you can’t make enough time to level up your pokemon go account daily but still wish to enjoy the high-level benefits and experience some exclusive features of the game, then you can buy a pre-owned account of the game from where they have several options of accounts ready for sale. 

You can have immediate access to the accounts once you buy them, and also you can check the features of the account before buying one so that you can verify what you are paying for. If you want to know other ways to level up your account, you can try GPS spoofing, which lets you travel anywhere around the glove virtually without stepping out of your room. 

Using this technology, you can visit different places in the pokemon go game and experience exclusive entertainment. Similarly, another trick to level up easy and quick is to train your pokemon at pokemon gyms by raid battles or friendly battles with your friends or clan at the gym.

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