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Top Game Tips And Tricks For Minecraft Novice!!



Despite being the most popular game, Minecraft can become a challenge for novice players and sometimes hard for others to get stuck in the gameplay. Most beginners do not know where to begin and how to build their place inside Minecraft. But with this Minecraft guide, you can learn almost everything from building shelter to the nether portal. 

Once you have applied these tips and tricks of Minecraft, it will bring you back on the right track, making you addicted to Minecraft before you even know it. You can even use a minecraft hack for unlocking resources and build a strong base. So, let us dive into the top best tips that will keep beginners progressing in the gameplay. 

  • First – Cut Down A Tree And Collect Wool From The Sheeps 

The wool and wood can be used for making a bed, and this will act as your future respawn area as well as enable you to prevent night creatures during the first day of the gameplay. 

  • Your First House 

Before the sun goes down on the first day, ensure to build a small house (5 x 5 would be fine). You can do it using the dirt and ensure to make the walls 2 blocks high, which would be enough to keep night creatures away. Now seal yourself during the first night because you can always find a way out. Players should dig down into the layers and create a place for placing their bed and build a dirt staircase. After that, you should go to sleep because you have a great day the next morning. 

  • Crafting Furnaces And Tables 

To build anything, you are required to have a crafting table. Once you have built one, you will create everything from a wooden axe to a fully working train track. On the other side, to smelt ore or cook food, you need to have something to burn and a furnace. 

  • Torches Will Get You Going 

Players should ensure enough supply of torches because when mining, these devices are invaluable, which could light you mining holes. Once you have discovered caverns, torches are needed to light the place up. Most mines already contain torches, but some places are still dark. You should know that torches can be placed at the doors or towers to make it easier for you to find your bearings. 

  • Put Those Bones To Use

If you are roaming during the night, you will explore some skeletons that provide you the best rewards. You can use the bones to befriend wolves or crushed them down into bone meal for utilizing it in fertiliser or dyes, and above all, you can use them to carry your arrows, though it takes time to build. 

  • Build Alliance 

You can use the bones to pet wolves and include them in your team members. After that, they would support you in attacking others when you attack. This way, you can collect other resources required for building your base. 

These are top tips and tricks that Minecraft beginners can use to progress in the gameplay on the very first day.

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