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Weight Loss Exercise Plan Effective Program



Weight loss exercise plan is important for those who are serious to lose weight. However, not all weight loss exercise plan are made equal. Some routines are made for beginners while some exercises that only active people can do.

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Before you decide which type of exercise is ideal for you, make sure that your health care provider approves your routines to avoid serious injury. Likewise, tell your doctor your weight loss exercise plan if you have any existing medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure. People with diabetes or high blood pressure may need special care before they start any exercise regimen. Some who have diabetes may see abrupt decrease of glucose level, which may be dangerous while those who have high blood pressure may tend to have a higher blood pressure reading after their exercise.

For Beginners

These are the exercise plan that can be included in the beginners program. These include aerobics and strength training exercises, which can be done alternately at least four days each week.

First Day

The first day for weight loss exercise plan is aerobic exercise. Walking briskly for at least twenty minutes is recommended. If you are in a gym, you may try the treadmill and monitor how far you have reached. If you treadmill is not available, you can walk around your neighborhood. The trick here is walk briskly to get your heart racing and burn more calories.

Brisk walking from first week will continue until second to third week. When you are already used to brisk walking, you may add speed or cover more places. You may also add another ten minutes to the basic twenty minutes after the second week.

Second day

Second day is devoted to strength training. The right way to start strength training is to warm up first for about five to ten minutes and then do some stretching exercises in order to stretch your muscles prior the training. Resistance band exercises are ideal for strength training. You may also try some dumbbell exercises to give you proper strength training workout.

Third day

You can go light on the third day after a strenuous exercise. By this time, you can do some light workout for at least fifteen minutes then followed by stretching exercises. After the light workout, rest your body. Resting is important as to revitalize your body for another routine of heavy workout the next day.

Fourth day

On the fourth day, do again another round of brisk walking for twenty minutes. Afterwards, do some stretching exercises.

Fifth day

The weight loss plan for fifth day is to repeat what you had done on the second day. This will allow you to work different parts of your muscles.

Sixth and seventh day

For sixth and seventh day, you can take a breather. You may rest during these days since you have to revitalize again for next week. You have to repeat all the routines you have done on the first week on the second and third week.

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