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The Latest Trend In Plastic Surgery



With an increasing number of plastic surgeries being performed on daily basis, the trend of plastic surgeries has changed and now, there is much advancement which was not present previously. This is the reason why plastic surgery, is considered to be a famous operation in today’s world. This piece will focus on the latest trend in plastic surgery in general, and will consider some new procedures.

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The first trend in plastic surgery is that plastic surgeries have become minimally invasive surgeries. By that it is meant that the surgeon may not need to open up entire flaps of skin tissue, but may just take the help of one small place to enter and operate subsequently. Even though it requires skilled expertise, and is a bit expensive than the old procedures, minimally invasive surgery is known to provide very little post operative pain. However, the best advantage of minimally invasive surgery is the small size of the scar that may heal spontaneously, and there may be almost no signs that indicate that the person had surgery.

We may take an example to understand the minimally invasive trend. Previously, lip rejuvenation procedure was done by implanting a small amount of tissue into the lip tissue but now, collagen lip injections are introduced into the lip, which offers minimal invasiveness and maximum results.

Previously, liposuction was considered the option for the obese to lose the extra amount of fat. But now, how about losing the same fat in a non-surgical manner? Well, the latest technology in this case is the Lipo-dissolve technique. Also known as mesotherapy, the technique is just to inject into the right spots of your body. For example, it may be injected into a patient’s love handles, the muffin top, saddle bags, inner or outer thighs or any other areas that are most troubling to the patient.

As mentioned above, with the non-surgical techniques now being a trend, advancements have been seen in breast surgery too. For example, now women can get adjustable breast implants with the size that gives them the best appeal. With these adjustable implants, if you do not like the size, they can be non-surgically adjusted for you anytime that you may want.

If there are any of those who have are worried because of the wrinkles on their face, just one minimally invasive shot of Botox may relive their agony from the wrinkles, and they may feel as fresh as they were 10 or 20 years ago. It is considered to be a much better technique than stretching the skin surgically.

To conclude, surgical techniques have now been mostly replaced by minimally invasive non-surgical techniques, and even though they require a great deal of expertise, they offer the best results, and minimum scarring to an individual. This explains why plastic surgery has become really famous all over the globe. If you are considering having a plastic surgery procedure done, consult the surgeon regarding the latest techniques in that procedure.

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