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So You Want to Lose Weight?



Let’s get one thing straight from the start. If you eat more than you need to stay healthy, you will gain weight! Starving yourself will only lead to bad health and you will die. It is that simple. To lose weight you have to eat a sensible diet and exercise.

You can lie to yourself, lie to your family, lie to your friends – but that’s all it is – Lies!

It is not easy now days to eat good food, most of it is pre-processed and full of chemical poisons. The equation is simple though, eat too much food and not enough exercise will add on the pounds in no time. If a person wants to reduce weight, then resurge product can be consumed. Some exercises can be done through the person to get the desired results. A budget can be prepared through the person to purchase the products. The conducting of the exercise will be great with the interest of the products. 

If you eat more than an adequate portion of food, say 100 (pounds, points, calories – whatever) and only expend 80 then that is 20 extra that has to go somewhere. If you eat 100 on the other hand and expend 120 – you will eventually die!

Everyone who eats is on some kind of diet – so don’t say diets don’t work – you’re alive are you not? Are you eating a sensible diet though? With the mass produced, mass advertised snack type foods today there is every chance that you are overweight and unhealthy. You are what you eat and if you eat rubbish then you are rubbish.

The best food is that which you prepare yourself. That way you know exactly what goes into it and how much. You can avoid adding things such as too much salt, unnecessary sugar (yes I know it tastes yummy) and too much bad fat.

As time has progressed, we eat to large portions – we are not hungry any more, it is habit. And is it not easier to have someone else prepare the “food” for us – it is simpler, faster and gives us more time to sit on out backsides and do no exercise. Heaven forbid we do not have any desert!

If you are serious about loosing weight, then think about what you eat. Is it necessary? is it healthy? Is it more than enough? Each of us are individuals and what one person likes another will not. So every diet is personal. What ever you eat, it should be healthy with NO chemical poisons in it to prolong the shelf life in the stores.

Before you eat that extra snack, or drink that extra soda, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Many folk have made a living out of telling people what to eat and how to exercise but this need not be so. Good adequate food + good adequate exercise = Good body weight.

You are what you eat!

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