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Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss Brand



After trying several different weight lose programs, including Nutrisystem, I found it very interesting that Kristie Alley has come out with her own weight loss brand product. I must admit that the entire idea seems a little odd with all of the rumors that she cant stick to any diet and keeps gaining all of her weight back.

This may shed some light on why she decided to leave Jenny Craig in the first place. Starting in 2009 Kristie planes to release how own weight loss brand. Her goal is to create something different that the celebrity diets that are currently on the market. So far no one knows exactly what will be included in her weight loss plan or ideas. Will she include anything similar to what Jenny Craig has or will it be her own creation?

There are so many diet programs currently on the market that it is hard to tell which one will work and which one will not. On the Nutrisystem plan you just stick to the meal plan that they give you and you don’t have to worry about point counting. I have to say that to me the Nutrisystem program definitely seemed a lot easier than the Jenny Craig program.

Of course each person is different and what may work for one may not work for another. Perhaps this is why Kristie Alley chose to come up with her own program. With Jenny Craig is also is about the right nutrition and the right amount of daily activity. Obviously once you have used one diet plan it seems like they are all alike. I have yet to see one that is completely new and different.

Of course, maybe Kristie Alley will come out with a product that is truly different and unlike this other meal options that you have to choose from. I doubt however that anything Kristie Alley comes up with will be any better than what Jenny Craig currently has. I still have to wonder if Kristie Alley came up with her own plan and she used it herself this has to mean that the Jenny Craig program did not work out for her.

If the Jenny Craig program did work for her than why bother coming up with your own. In her statement released to the press about her new program, she said that she was tired of the roller coaster weight loss system. I have to admit that even with the Nutrisystem plan the weight does seem to come back after time. Or you reach a plateau and don’t lose any additional weight.

Hence, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable to only use products that are highly recommended and proven to be effective. You can visit some resurge reviews so you’ll learn a reputable brand that a lot of people trust for a long time.

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