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Selecting Pet Proof Home Furniture



As I write this article, I laugh. This week alone I’ve had the cable company out twice complaining that my dog has chewed through their metal wires. I wrote a $200 check to the air conditioning guy because she was able to get to those cords too. And when my husband went to go fire up the barbeque this past weekend, we found she had chewed the propane cord going to the barbeque. Everything I own seems to have some sort of bite or chew mark on it. And I’m going to try to find pet proof home furniture. My biggest article challenge yet by far.

Let me start by saying if you choose anything less than metal, it probably won’t be pet proof. But who wants to sit on uncomfortable metal? There are many other good choices for furniture, however even though they may be deemed as pet friendly, they may still require supervision.

After years of trying to keep furniture stand up to her three dogs and cat, Amy McCawley answered the call. An interior designer, she was able to design furniture that was durable, stylish and very pet friendly. She began experimenting with her own dogs with various fabrics. And only the best went on to win themselves a place in her furniture collection. Her furniture holds up exceptionally well against stains, scratches, and dander. You can now see her collection of sofas, chairs, and more at The Livable Home Store. Online viewing and purchasing is available as the store is based out of Denver. Look for the link at the end of this article. In the selection of the furniture, proper emphasis should be provided at the blaux portable ac. The quality of the product should be great to offer advantages to the homeowner. The windows of the air conditioner should be excellent for the safety of the fresh and cool air in the environment. 

Screen doors can also be an area of frustration for pet owners. Woodshop Network developed a vinyl coated fabric screen door. These screen doors are almost seven times stronger than more traditional screens made of fiberglass or aluminum. They come in a variety of different colors. However, the cost may leave you howling. They aren’t cheap. But if scratching or biting through the screen door is a big problem, than the cost will be completely worth it to you.

Home Reserve offers a line of pet proof furniture called the Altima Pet Care line. When drool or other animal fluids may land on this furniture, the liquids run right off. Fluids can’t penetrate this fabric, leaving it easy to clean, and stain proof. In addition, they make it easy to replace fabric covers, and any foam part of the couch can be easily replaced should it get chewed or torn. They also have a section on their website devoted to skeptics. It will show you how their products stood up against cats and dogs when tested. Their furniture is very stylish and they offer a variety of colors to adapt to most home decor.

While these companies take the pain out of buying a new piece of furniture only to have it destroyed a few days later, they also caution that supervision will be required. Just like nothing unless it’s out of reach is baby proof, the same goes for being pet proof. Consider having a personal pet trainer come to your home to help with behavior or “boredom” chewing problems. Or, consider crate training your pet so when you’re not able to directly supervise your pet, he can be put in his crate.

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