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Air Purifier – What Goes On To Make an Ordinary Air Purifier A Great Purifier?



Most individuals are unaware of the fact that indoor air at times gets more polluted than outdoor air. Sadly, indoor air pollution often goes unnoticed because of a lack of health awareness across the world. Very few individuals realize that indoor air could be approximately 2 to 5 times more filthy and polluted than outdoor air. Mildew, tobacco smoke, mold, bacteria, varnishes, paints, dust mites, fireplaces, stoves, space heaters, and pet hair are a few of the major sources of indoor air pollution. That is when indoor air pollutant can work as the slow poison and leads to a no. of serious health issues.

Exposure to contaminated indoor air leads to no health problems such as asthma, allergies, and several other respiratory issues. That is when the air purifier can assist you greatly and does the work for you. So, you sure need to be aware of things that go on to make an ordinary air purifier a great cleaner. Here is taking a peek at a few of the features of great air purifiers-


  1. PM2.5 filter

All air purifiers should, at least, be able and in position to filter out the tiny particles up to 5 microns (PM5) in diameter — that’s the size of most mold spores & bacteria.

These are the particles that are pretty small to enter and assemble in the bloodstream, which can cause some health issues in a long run.

  1. Full coverage of the room

There is absolutely no sense in owning an air purifier that just filters the air in its instant vicinity.

A purifier must be powerful enough in order to circulate that clean air across the control room.

  1. Smart device connectivity

In modern days and age, it’s becoming a sort of necessity for the home apparatus to be smart and Net of Things-capable.

You do not want the problem of walking every now and then to the purifier to activate it every time there is a dip in the air quality.

  1. Quiet operation
One may purchase the most convincing purifier ever but never wish to turn it on as that purifier makes a noise.
Ideally, you’d have the purifier that’s powerful when you require it to be, however, also capable of working silently simultaneously too — like when you’re trying to sleep/rest, or when you’ve guests over and do not want any noise to disrupt your conversation.
  1. Simple filter maintenance

If it’s doing the job right, the purifier is simply going to clean a great deal of the debris out of the air, meaning, that its filter is going to require regular subsistence for optimal performance.

You will need the purifier that makes the cleaning and then replacing the filter the cinch — no fiddly clasp or proprietary tool is required to get it open.

Hopefully, this will assist you in getting your hands on that great air purifier, and one such piece is koios air purifier 3-in-1.

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