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Nutritional Supplements And Diseases



Nutritional supplements are not drugs, but they can indeed play an important role in process of healing disease. It generally includes vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. If our body slowly lacks of those elements for a long time, it will cause chronic diseases. For example: calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, high blood pressure; potassium deficiency can cause rapid heart rate and muscle weakness; lack of vitamin B can cause dementia or tiredness; selenium can cause long-term tumor; vitamin C can cure the common cold…

Evidence has showed micronutrient supplementation is the most direct means of improvement and prevention of chronic diseases. Nutritional supplements, such as Herbalife, are used to repair cells, increase the human immune system, and give you the right balance of essential nutrients to prevent variety of diseases. The different individual product with a variety of health benefits, such as: immune regulation, to provide a comprehensive and balanced nutrients, enhance hematopoietic function, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, promotes cell regeneration and wound healing, blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, prevent vascular disease, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immune regulation, lowering blood sugar, keep gastrointestinal system healthy, anti-radiation, detoxification, protect the liver, anti-aging and so on. Mitoboost is found a helpful addition for all these.

There are several concepts should be clarified when we think of disease, medications and nutritional supplements:

  1. Human body has it’s own immune system. As long as the immune system work properly, people usually won’t get sick. So we should focus on improving our immune system function, and the most effective way to enhance it is to eat healthy food or /and high quality nutritional supplements, rather than relying on medication.
  2. Drugs have side effects. Why Food and Drug Administration allows the drug contains certain toxicity? Because medicine focus on therapy effects and side effects is ignored. That is the reason people who taking certain medication for a long period of time will cause other health issues as well.
  3. People are relying on nutrients to survive, not drugs. Healthy natural food or nutritional products enhance immune system and provide balanced nutrients to prevent disease.
  4. There are two options for people with chronic disease. First option (most people choose this one) is using drugs to prevent further aggravate the deterioration; Second is letting self-immune system to work to heal disease. Usually, people forgot they still have this second option, and this option sometimes maybe more effective for curing the disease in the long run. So taking high-quality health supplements is a very important way to enhance and improve self–immune system. Medicine and nutritional supplements are not a substitute for each other, and on another hand, we cannot rely on one or another.
  5. Cooking might destroy some nutrients of food. Some nutrients are removed from wheat after producing into flour; vitamin C might be solved in water when boiling veggies; heating or frying veggies make some nutrients destroyed by heat etc.

People desire a healthy body or people with chronic diseases should prevent the disease by eating healthy food, taking nutritional supplements to repair cells and improve immunity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


It’s not just fitness but the food supplements are helpful in many health problems too. They are advised or prescribed to be taken when there are some physical problems because they help in balancing the body secretions and organ functioning. So, have it for a balance.

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