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Another Diet Tips About Chalories And Lipoprotein



So tell me, what can give you ‘happiness’? You maybe will answer: money, love, religion, etc. but do you know you need healthy life? To achieve the best result in our life, we need ‘health’ because you will regret it when you know you are sick just because your foods.

When we are eating foods, what we think usually is the taste of the foods. Taste of the foods is important but one thing that more important is, the cholesterol in that food. Talk about ‘happiness’, high-cholesterol foods surely can give ‘happy’ for 5-10 minutes but in long term, maybe you will regret it. I think you should only eat what can give you ‘happy’ in 5-10 minutes once per week, not too often.

Do you ever saw the movie with title ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’? For me, it is a good true story with Will Smith as the main actor. Chris Gardner maybe had inspired many poor people. In real life, one part of ‘happiness’ (the grammar is wrong in the movie, watch the movie to know why) is health.

To get ‘health’ we need to control cholesterol. Cholesterol is a lipid. Cholesterol is covering each of your cells in your body. But when your body contain too much cholesterol, diseases will attack your body faster than you expected. Everyone needs cholesterol and fat, but eat too much of foods which contain fat and cholesterol will only give you an unhealthier lifestyle than ever.

Find a doctor you know and talk to him about your problem. Ask him/her to check your cholesterol level. After he/her finished check your cholesterol level, you should be aware about ‘lipoprotein’. Lipoprotein is useful to control cholesterol within your body.

Now you had checked your cholesterol level and lipoprotein, but do you know about high density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein? If you lipoprotein level categorized as ‘high density’, it means your lipoproteins are the carriers for your cholesterol which can keep your cholesterol to have good function. But if your lipoprotein level categorized as ‘low density, than you need to work harder to change your lifestyle because your lipoprotein can’t control your cholesterol.

Each of us has different standard level in almost every aspect in our life. Health is one of this aspect and your cholesterol standard level is different from mineMost people said if your cholesterol level is around 2.0 or 4.0 mmol/l ,it means you are safe from diseases. You should remember, you are different from these people and your lipoproteins are different from theirs.

Too many authors wrote, ‘You need to eat healthy foods’. Maybe you will bore if I am asking you to do the same thing but all of us know this is true. Too many factors can keep us stay away from healthy foods. In example when your friend invited you to his/her birthday party and you see too many tasty foods, you will eat those tasty foods and eventually forgot the healthy foods. But sometimes in life you must have courage to make decisions. This is about your life. I don’t ask you to stay away from tasty but unhealthy foods, but I am asking you to eat those kind of foods less than ever and start to eat more and more healthy foods.


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