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How Strong Are Your Abs



Everyone has mid-section exercises in their workout routine but usually, these exercises are geared towards making your abs look ripped. It’s all about the looks when it comes to abs but they are a very important group of muscles as they add to your core strength. So having strong abdominal muscles is very important and in order to learn more about the best workout routine you can check out Money Off Supps.

But how do you measure the strength of your abs? You can do an endless amount of sit-ups but that will only prove your high stamina. You can increase the weights on ab training machines but they tax a lot of other muscles and joints in your body and can actually be harmful. To figure out the strength of your abs you need some kind of a test.

In this article, I propose a multi-level test comprised of just 2 exercises that I think will test the strength of your abs pretty well. Before we begin I also want to emphasize the difference between strength and stability. Plank exercises test stability, your ability to hold a fixed position, whereas to test strength your spine must be moving. So these exercises will involve movement.

As mentioned, the test consists of two exercises – hanging leg raises and dragon flags. Why these exercises? Because they actually require abdominal and core strength to complete in the correct form.

Hanging Leg Raises

Personally, I find this exercise to be the best exercise for abs. It can be done at different difficulty levels which will work well for the test.

There are 3 different forms in which you can do this exercise – legs bent at the knees, legs straight but raised only midway, and legs straight raised all the way to the bar. So to do the test simply try to do a repetition in the correct form starting at the first level of difficulty.

Level 1

fair abs strength – you can do the exercise with bent legs only.

Level 2 

good abs strength – you can do the exercise by raising straight legs midway.

Level 3

very good abs strength – you can do the exercise completely by raising straight legs up to the bar.

Remember, the repetitions have to be in the perfect form to pass the test. Read the article on the perfect form of hanging leg raises:

Level 4

So you’ve done Level 3 successfully, what now? There’s the Level 4 – dragon flags. This is the ultimate exercise not only for the abs but for the core strength, and if you can do it, there’s no doubt you have extremely strong abs and core.

That’s the test, try it out, and see how strong your abs really are.

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