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Hoover SX9760 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review



Vacuum cleaner is the most important cleaning solution for any home. The right one has to be chosen suiting our special needs which depend on the flooring, budget, time in hand and whether we are allergic or non-allergic. Hoover SX9760 Multifunction Pro Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is an extremely comfortable vacuum cleaner as it can do multiple functions, has a large capacity and is very durable. This comes from a century old company Hoover. The following review will give you a detailed description of the product.

This model is a multipurpose cleaner which comes in the tank construction. Right from the floors to the carpets and the upholsteries they serve with the support of mixed accessories. This model can clean wet and dry surfaces and can perform the blow function too.

Now keep in mind that when they say multipurpose, they mean multipurpose as these vacuum cleaners are quite versatile in nature similar to aspirapolveri senza filo potenti that don’t need to be plugged into the socket or wired up for starting up as they are modern day gadgets that do their jobs perfectly because Hoover is a huge name for electronic items.

Hoover SX9760 Vacuum Cleaner is robust and comes in a metal casing which is red in colour. It is very durable. As it has a metal casing it can take up bumps and knocks. However it has a soft plastic furniture guard which protects your furniture from getting damaged. It is pretty heavy with the weight of 8.1 kgs, but easy to handle as it will be on wheels. This model has a very compact and easy to handle dimension 40 x 44 x 55 cm.

Supported with the powerful motor of 1400 Watts it ensures exceptional cleaning and great suction power to make the environment dust free with a suction power of 220 air watt. The greater the suction power the greater is the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner.

This cleaner is highly suitable for large areas as this model has an extra long chord length of 10m which makes you vacuum more areas before changing and finding a new socket. The radius which this model can cover is 13m. The next feature which makes it suitable for large areas is that it has got a large tank of 25 litres capacity and with an additional 4 litre dry bag and 10 litre wet tank capacity. The dry bag will be very useful for people with allergies and asthma as they are not exposed to dust in this case, and the bag can always be replaced.

This model comes with five cleaning tools and two metallic extension tubes. The two metallic tubes can be attached to the hose. There is a furniture nozzle which helps cleaning the furniture, a crevice nozzle which helps cleaning all the nook and corners and a surface combi nozzle in which three types of inserts rubber, plastic and bristles can be attached, this gives the freedom to clean any type of floor.

  • Blow function –

If the dust or waste has to be just blown away from that area or surface then the hose has to be fitted to the exhaust filter and the job is done.

  • Wet and Dry pick up –

This model is so versatile that it can pick up both wet and dry fills and dust.

  • All surfaces –

This model is suitable for any kind of surface. Be it hard, soft or carpet floors, it can be cleaned by merely changing the tools.

  • Tools on board –

This model comes with provision for storing tools. Depending on the function required the tools can be changed then and there immediately and the job done.

Hoover SX9760 1400 Watts Vacuum Cleaner is an extremely versatile model which helps you to do multiple cleaning options at one goes with less effort and time. The only feature which this model does not offer is chord rewind facility, neither manual nor automatic. This model comes with a minimum 12 months guarantee as an add-on feature.

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