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Facebook vs MySpace



Many people love social networking so much that they have caused companies such as Facebook and MySpace to become the website of choice for millions of people around the globe. They have connected many people with the click of a button. Some people even claim that they found the love of their life on such sites that are free. Now everyone has come to find out that these sites are affordable means of communication, but which ones are safe?

MySpace has millions of fake profiles that will always try to get you to buy something from a third party website which is not affiliated with MySpace. These sites are annoying and they have cause a lot of people to migrate to Facebook only to find that Facebook also has their fake profilers. While both sites have their forms of defense they are still annoying to many of its members.

MySpace has implemented a method that only allows you to add friends that you know. This is usually performed by asking for the last name of the person you are trying to add. Facebook on the other hand can not do this because they show you both first and last time in general searches. Facebook is more generous on just deleting your account if you give other members any problems. This has work to a point but it limits the number of Facebook members because it sometimes affects legitimate members who generate a large social network in a small amount of time. These people get deleted and migrate back to MySpace. Some others resort to paid social networking which will always have the highest quality of service.

MySpace currently have the upper hand when it comes to number of members. Many people think this is because MySpace gives you more freedom when it comes to your profile page. You have the ability to insert HTML code which can give you limitless abilities to design your profile page. On the downside however it can also give room for error. Some of the codes that people get from other sites have harmful viruses that can get on the computers of the people viewing your page. While most of the methods were blocked by MySpace, there will always be room for error when you allow for members to insert their own code. Even though most Facebook pages look exactly alike, they are almost always virus free.

This is the reason why most people prefer Facebook not that MySpace is any less but it’s just one of those things where you have to choose one over the other like for example you can make up this hotel name list and select anyone based on preference.

If you had to make a choice between MySpace and Facebook then you would have to consider what you really wanted to see. If you want to see flashy graphics then Facebook is not for you. If you want to just see your friends and relatives then you might not be cut out for MySpace.

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