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Escape from Tarkov: A guide for beginners



Learn the Important Controls

One of the most important things that you should pay attention to when getting started in Escape From Tarkov is the essential controls. EFT us arguably one of the challenging and difficult games ever created. One of the reasons for this claim is that basic and essential controls needed in the game are not shown on the screen. Any mistake or if you forget any control would be a matter of life and death already. Hence, it is important to make yourself familiarize with the controls.

Choose the Right Equipment

Always keep in mind that Escape From Tarkov is a survival game. Hence, you won’t be able to make it if you don’t have the right equipment. Basically, before you start joining the raid in the game, you will get to choose your own equipment. When choosing the right equipment, keep in mind that there are some factors that you need to consider. Technically speaking, the space un your secure container depends on which edition you bought. Advisably, you should take a pistol for your first raid and some ammo. In addition, a backpack and a vest are also helpful for you to tramsport your loot efficiently.

Loot the Right Way

Just like in any other survival games, looting is very crucial. It is actually considered as one of the favorite features of the most players is a central gameplay element in the game. When playing the game, it is your responsibility to search and gather useful loot in a raid. Usually, you can find loot for military in green boxes but the looting of enemies is mostly more profitable. You will also encounter some distraction items such as lemonade and chocolate. Thus, you should leave these items behind.

Never Underestimate Your Opponents

It is also important to keep in mind at all times that Escape From Tarkovis never an easy game. This means that your enemies are not newbies and easy to defeat. Most of the players in the game are hardcore players and they already have long years of experience in playing survival games. Your enemies are also well armed and they fight against Scavs. Thus, as a new player, you need to have high concentration and focus when playing, and you should never give up that you will improve as you continuously play the game


Last but not the least, you have to make sure that you know how to escape the route. This is the main goal of the game and it will determine whether you are going to be successful or victorious in the game. It is advisable to keep the map and the environment in mind after a successful fight. In addition, after the raid, you should make sure that you collect extraction points. These points allow you to buy items in the game that will help you in your next raid such as buy tarkov money, weapons gears and many more. 

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