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About the Worlds of Minecraft



If you just go for a walk around the world of Minecraft, you will find yourself immersed in this huge, vast area, where its infinite map has no limits and you can wander for hours and hours without reaching its end. Where you can also see players that Buy, Sell or Trade Minecraft Accounts online. So you might ask yourself “How is the world of Minecraft composed?” and this is exactly what you will find out in the following video.

When creating a new map, you will first appear in The Overworld, with a sun that will become your best ally as long as it illuminates you every ten minutes. Once it is gone, beware of the monsters, also known as Creepers, because they will haunt you during the night (and in rare occasions, they might also appear during the day) and will not stop until they have killed you!

Here you will find all the most essential materials of the game, even obsidian, the block with which you can build a portal to The Nether. The second dimension in Minecraft is full of lava, a misstep will cast you away and you will never return. As if that was not enough, in this dark world, there are also very menacing creatures: Even though the Zombie Pigman is not aggressive, its buddies will not stop until they´ve drawn blood out of you if you ever dare to touch one of them.

Also, look over your head! A horrible flying creature in the sky will be waiting to throw fireballs at you, and you will soon find out how lethal they are. But don´t panic: You can send them back to where they belong with your sword.

Here you may find a very special strength called the blaze, which will help you to build an Eye of Ender. Back on the surface, use this Eyes of Ender to find the portal to The End, where the biggest boss mob awaits for you: The Ender Dragon. In a dark world filled with Endermans and pillars regeneration this dragon’s life, you will find it quite hard to end with its life. But this is exactly why the reward is so immense. If you manage to kill him, you will be rewarded with many levels of experience, so… go get him!

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