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Electric Razors Vs Razor Blades Which Is Best



Whether you are a man or a woman, shaving is a major part of our everyday lives. Most people have their favorite method of removing unwanted hair on their body, but two of the most popular options are using either a Braun rasierer or traditional razor blades. There are advantages and disadvantages of both options and it may take some trial and error before you can decide which is best for you.

What’s the difference?

One of the main differences between electric razors and razor blades is the way that they function. There are two main types of electric razors, oscillating blades, and vibrating blades. Typically an electric razor is intended to be used on dry skin, without the need for water, shaving cream, or soap. However, some versions are now available that allow for use with skin that is either wet or dry.

An electric razor is usually powered by a small motor that runs off a small rechargeable battery. Each brand offers a variety of options that are priced according to accessories and added features, but the overall function is basically the same; a cutting mechanism will cut hair as it enters the head of the razor. The goal of these razors is to cut the hair at skin level.

With razor blades, you will need to use shaving cream, soap, and water. One huge difference between razor blades and electric razors is that razor blades are a complete, manual process. When shaving, the cream will be applied to the skin and a sharpened razor blade will be passed across the skin. As the blade passes across the skin, it will cut and removed by the blade.

Which One is the Best?

Of course, everyone has their favorite shaving method, but how do you know which to choose, especially if you are new to the shaving process? Deciding which option is best for you will depend on the items that you are looking for since both electric razors and razor blades offer their own sets of benefits and setbacks.

Pros of Electric Razors

The main vantage point that an electric razor has over razor blades is the convenience factor. You can easily pick it up and shave the entire area in a short period of time. You also do not need to purchase other skin products, such as shaving creams or special soaps and you can easily take it with you on the road. Many even find themselves shaving at work if they are running late. An electric razor also has very few upkeep requirements other than keeping it charged occasionally.

Cons of Electric Razors

Many believe that electric razors do not offer the same close shave as of traditional razor blades. Many people choose to shave daily in order to keep their skin smooth and hair-free, but with a razor blade, you may be able to enjoy smoother skin for longer than a few hours. Also, if something does go wrong with your electric razor, replacement parts are expensive and at times you may need to replace the entire razor instead.

Pros of a Razor Blades

Razor blades are said to provide a closer shave than electric razors. They are also extremely simple products and therefore have no parts that will need to be replaced due to breaking. For those with sensitive skin, razor blades may be a better option because they tend to be easier on the skin than electric razors.

Cons of Razor Blades

One of the biggest downsides of a razor blade is the ease with which people can cut themselves. Because they are extremely sharp, razor blades can easily cut your skin if you are not careful. There is also quite a bit of prep work required with razor blades. For example, you must sharpen your razor blade regularly in order to keep it sharp and you will need to prepare your skin before using one by applying special lotions, creams, and soaps.

Everyone has their favorite way to shave and whether you make it a daily practice or only on occasion, finding the right method for your skin is very important. In order to look your best, you want to have skin that looks fantastic at all times. Depending on your skin type, both electric razors and razor blades have the potential to make this happen, but it is up to you to choose the best method.

Weigh each option carefully before deciding and don’t be afraid to try out a new method for yourself. By learning more about the differences between electric razors and razor blades, you may even find that you should make a permanent change to one option or the other! Keep in mind the differences as well as the pros and cons between the two styles and take your time when making your final choice. Your skin will thank you for your patience.

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