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Cuisinart Griddler Takes the Place of Five Appliances



Being able to use many ways to cook food with just one appliance is the greatest advantage to using the Cuisinart Griddler.

Because it can be closed or laid flat, a whole meal can be made at the same time. For example, when making breakfast, bread can be warmed on one side while the other is preparing eggs. There are five different way that the Griddler can be utilized, with the advantage of plates that can be turned over and each side used for a different purpose.

Grilling can be used in two different ways. When making hamburgers, meat or anything that contains fat, the ridged side of the plates are used so that it drains into a drip tray at the base of the appliance. If grilling vegetables, the flat side of the plates for sauteing works best. To make food quickly, the top grill is placed over the food so that both sides are cooked at the same time. The flexibility of the handle and hinge allows food that is thinly or thickly sliced to to cook evenly.

The panini press can be used to grill sandwiches, breads and other foods that are enclosed in top or bottom covers. Almost any type of food can be used between the two covers. These can include layered vegetables, meat or cheese. Any type of bread can be used such as sandwich bread, focaccia, French, Italian and flat rolls. Either the grill or griddle side of the plates can be used.

The full grill, with both plates lying flat, with two cooking surfaces available, can be used for cooking two different types of food at the same time. This works well when making pancakes, eggs, French toast, potatoes and breakfast meats such as bacon or sausages.

One advantage of the Griddler is that it can be used with one plate using the face up and another with the flat side also available. Any meat that may need draining of any fat can be cooked on the ridged side while a side dish of vegetables can be made on the flat side.

The Griddler can be used on a buffet table to keep food warm but temperature should be kept at the lowest temperature so that it will not continue cooking what is being served.

Utensils used on the Griddler to turn food should be plastic only; metal will injure the surface. To help protect the surface when cleaning the plates, a plastic scraping tool is included to dislodge anything that is stuck to the nonstick surface.

A cooking chart is included with the instructions and recipe pamphlet. However, it takes some time to get used to how quickly food cooks on the Griddlers. Food will become dried out if cooked too long so some experimentation is required. If the reviews are not enough, then a click for more info can be made at the official site. The amount of benefits is increased with the selection of the right kitchen appliances for purchase. Some experiments can be done through the people to have the best kitchen products for a unique and impressive look. 

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