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Guide On Buying The Best Crepe Maker On The Market



Are you buying a new crepe maker soon? We got you covered. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the best crepe maker. Regardless of whether you are buying a cordless crepe maker, electric crepe maker, or just a regular one, the tips below will apply to you. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Choose between gas or electric crepe maker

This is the first choice to be made when buying a crepe maker. Gas and electric crepe maker have their own distinct pros and cons, which will be further elaborated below.

Gas crepe maker
One of the biggest selling points of gas crepe makers is that it produces heat quicker than electric crepe machines, which means that your productivity will be increased. If you are using the machine for business, your profits will be going up too. The disadvantage of gas crepe makers is that they are not portable, and you need a separate source of propane, gas lines, or other sources of fuel for it to work.

Electric crepe maker
Since electric crepe makers use electricity rather than permanent gas lines or propane tanks, they have the benefit of portability. Also, electric crepe makers are more efficient the longer you use them. Their disadvantage is taking much longer to operate, as stated above.

2. Temperature controls

As a general rule, the crepe maker you should purchase must support temperature ranges of 120 and 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Every crepe recipe requires its own temperature criteria. This makes the ability to control the temperature ranges a must have feature.
The more choices you have in terms of setting the temperature, the better the crepe maker is as a product.

3. Design and finish

The design of a product is linked to its reliability, and you should buy a durable and reliable crepe maker if you are planning to use it commercially. With this in mind, the crepe maker you purchase needs to have a design and finish that is durable and can withstand repeated and regular uses. Choose a product that is made with stainless steel, since you’ll have less trouble in cleaning it.
Meanwhile, if you are only planning to use your crepe maker for occasional use, you can safely go with other designs. At the end of the day, your specific needs are the main factors of your choice. Why go with an expensive stainless steel crepe maker when you are only going to use it a few times every month?

4. Cooking surface

Crepe makers that are intended for commercial use generally use cast iron for their cooking surface. This is because cast iron is better than stainless steel or aluminum when it comes to distributing heat evenly. Light duty crepe makers on the other hand can feature non stick surfaces, which will provide you with much convenience on your occasional use. Your intended use for the crepe maker is also in play here, similar to the point above.

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