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Construction Safety: Fall Prevention Is Vital



Construction workers put their safety on the line every day. The fact that so much of the work they perform is done at great heights is one reason the job can be so perilous.

While the κατεδαφισεις, there is a necessity to pay complete attention at the safety and protection. There should be no harm to the professionals working for the purpose. The meeting of the needs is essential to get the desired results. 

How serious is the problem of accidental falls on construction sites? It is the leading cause of death in the construction industry with almost 40% of all fatal deaths in 2015 being fall related.

Fortunately, many accidents can be prevented just by using the right equipment and taking a little extra time to observe proper safety precautions.

Here are a few safety tips for fall prevention in the construction industry.

Use Safety Gear

There is an abundance of fall protection equipment available by companies like CAI Safety Systems that can significantly reduce the likelihood of being injured or killed in a worksite fall.

Harnesses, straps, nets, lifelines, and anchors can all be used in specific situations to prevent or mitigate injury. However, to get the benefit of safety gear you have to use it properly. Using the wrong gear in the wrong situation can actually increase your chances of being seriously injured or killed.

Make sure you are familiar with how the equipment works before depending on it to save your life. Not knowing how fall protection equipment works renders it less effective, leaving you vulnerable to an accident.

A qualified fall protection training course is the most effective way you can ensure that you and your team are trained using correct industry standards.

Work Smart

Exercising good judgement is one of the best ways to protect yourself on the worksite.

Don’t take unnecessary risks to save time. Appraise your working conditions to spot any possible dangers and do what you can to mitigate them.

Always use your equipment the way it was intended. There is nothing deadly about ladders or scaffolding in and of themselves, but when used improperly the potential for fatal accidents increases dramatically.

When using a ladder or scaffolding, make sure it is placed on flat, solid ground. Always use a ladder to access scaffolding, never climb up the side railings.

Defective ladders and scaffolding should be immediately discarded to avoid having it fail on the worksite.

Construction workers frequently find themselves working on the roof.

No matter how comfortable you are with heights, you shouldn’t let your confidence override your common sense. Never work too close to the edge of a roof without employing the right fall protection equipment.

No matter how good your balance may be, a sudden gust of the wind or unexpected contact with a co-worker can be all it takes to send you tumbling over the edge of the roof.

Pay Attention

When somebody in an office zones out, chances are they won’t lose their life. The true cannot be said for construction workers.

Allowing yourself to get distracted while you’re on the job can have tragic consequences. When you’re several feet in the air, supported only by thin planks of metal and wood, any misstep can send you plummeting to the hard ground below.

If you are fatigued or ill, notify your supervisor of your condition. You need to be one hundred percent when you are engaged in work that requires physical dexterity and concentration.

Never report for work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Losing your focus when you are on a scaffold, beam or roof can be the worst, and last, mistake you ever make.

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