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Pasir Ris Central- Holiday Plans



Although this isn’t exactly the right time for you to take a trip abroad for spending holidays given the grim situation all over the world, you can definitely learn about a new destination in sight so that it becomes easier to make plans when the pandemic subsides and travelling is allowed once again.

What are your favorite holiday destinations? Well, there are many things that come to mind like Ireland and Scotland for greenery, Brazil for wildlife, Hawaii and Caribbean for islands, Miami and Seychelles for beach but one place that is usually neglected is Singapore.

Now some readers would say that Singapore is a favorite and is at the top of the list for any holiday destination but it could be that due to its miniscule size, it loses out to other massive size countries like US, Australia, Brazil, etc. but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is a worthy entry into the list of countries mentioned above.

Destination Mould

Singapore has many beautiful destinations but the one that we are going to talk about is Pasir Ris and it is important for people to know about it because it is a residential area that has crossed development stage, which would prompt many readers to wonder how it becomes a holiday destination.

For starters, it is quite close to the renowned Plaza Hotel and contains colonies having numerous residential condos that people can use on rent in case they are here for further studies.

Pasir Ris 8 residents vouch for the fact that living in this area is indeed a lifetime opportunity that anyone would want to avail because aside from basic amenities, you can also find places that children would love to visit like amusement park, beach resort, fast food restaurants, etc. to name a few.

Nature lovers can visit the heritage garden that has numerous plants and flowers that botany students can would love because nothing gives them more pleasure than to be in the pleasant lap of mother-nature that they can never enjoy living in the big city where the air is replete with pollutants that harm their health.

There is a new mall that is up and coming so the hapless husbands that have to listen to an earful from their wives for not taking them out to buy their favorite items can cheer up as the new mall in the locality is going to be a nice change for shopping aficionados living near downtown east.

Luxury Base

There has been news regarding the fact that there are some new hotels that are coming up to match the stature of Plaza Hotel because while the heart of Pasir Ris is quite a good choice for people looking for a condo at an affordable price and a strong roof on top of the head.

All in all, a perfect luxury base for people that are looking for the necessary respite from the hectic big city life but as mentioned above, once the pandemic reduces, you can go for Pasir Ris.

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