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ASUS VE228H Review Must Read If You Are Buying!



The Asus VE228H is the LED monitor from ASUS which delivers a punch. The VE228H comes with dynamic contrast management technology, Splendid Video Intelligence Technology which automatically adjusts the video contrast and dynamically delivers the perfect combination of contrast ranges to allow you to get the best experience from your monitors. This monitor utilizes the new LED technology to reduce energy consumption down by 40% and is more environment friendly with mercury free LED backlight panel which is not harmful to the environment.

Led reviews search for the best price online constantly, the ve228h sits between $150-$200, here is the best price.

  • The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology provides the best visual experience with dynamic tweaks

With all these features, what else does Asus need to get some users converted to their ways? Well, apparently nothing more because from what the specifications specify, Asus already has the upper hand on its competitors with the splendid technology integrated into the Asus VE228H. Well, Asus is not satisfied with just these specifications, it has also added in 3 years of warranty and that is just fantastic. Who can say no to the Asus VE228H knowing that this is the monitor, which completely overruns its competition like a bulldozer?

The Asus VE228H has met with much appreciation among the users and has been taken by the user community with open arms. The monitor gives splendid performance and stunning visuals and there is no reason for anyone not liking the design of the monitor. So that ticks the performance, display and design. What else is necessary for the monitor? If you buy a new monitor this is a must have. The stunning visuals in this monitor are much better than any other monitor and it has a lower price than other monitors in this range. That is the best thing about the Asus monitors. They provide great quality and very cheap prices.

¨I have not used any Asus product until now. I decided to buy the Asus VE228H one because the other ones in this range just missed my budget. So, I bought an Asus VE228H one somewhat begrudgingly, thinking what a waste. But, when I got home and started using it, I was amazed with the performance of the monitor and the quality of the visuals. I really think that Asus has done it this time. They got the best monitor in the market now.¨

Well-designed, stunning visuals and splendid graphics, all of this combines to deliver you the best visual experience which rivals that of the other manufacturers. On top of that, the Asus VE228H monitors come with three years of limited warranty which serves a great purpose. Adding up all the benefits of the Asus VE228H monitor, you will realize that the best monitor in the market now is the Asus monitor. Unless you have any blatant love for any specific brand, you should decide to buy this monitor. It delivers more than what you pay for.


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