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Without Quizzes, Our Lives Would Be Too Boring



The word quiz is commonly used in the day-to-day vocabulary and is used in multiple contexts, but a quiz is mainly a game designed for the mind. Like physical sports test the people’s physical ability, quizzes test the mental ability of the people.

The Reason For Quizzes To Be Enjoyable

Quizzes are not just a medium to check the people’s mental abilities or intelligence but are also widely enjoyed by the people.

  • Quizzes challenge the person’s mental intelligence taking the quiz, which makes the person excited about the quiz.
  • The challenging nature of quizzes has added to the popularity of quizzes.
  • Different people take quizzes and then compare their results to other people. This healthy competition motivates people to be more mentally fit and strong and to beat their competitors.
  • Quizzes are not just formal, but they are of different types. This makes them enjoyable for people of all age groups, genders, and backgrounds.

The Evolution Of Quizzes

There was a time when quizzes were limited to one type, but such days are long gone. There are many quizzes available today, ranging from quizzes in school to the very famous pottermore quiz.

Academic Quizzes                 

Academic quizzes are based on knowledge about academic subjects like maths, science, and geography, etc. Such quizzes are very often designed to test the academic abilities of the students. Many schools and universities use quizzes to measure the intelligence of the students.


Trivia are quizzes that are highly popular because they are not only challenging but also very exciting. Trivia generally means small and basic details in different subjects or matters, but that does not hold great importance. This makes such quizzes very interesting as the questions in such quizzes teach the people a bit more about the small things they might have missed.

Fandom Quizzes

Fandom has become a very common world in the millennial world. People are extremely serious about their fandoms, which is why fandom quizzes have become so popular. Fandom quizzes have existed for a very long time, but now their craze has increased a lot.

  • Fandom quizzes like the pottermore quiz are quizzes dedicated to a particular movie, series, book, and any other pop culture.
  • Pottermore is a website that has numerous quizzes, all dedicated to the Harry Potter series.
  • Fans from around the world take such quizzes and then compare their results with other fans. Whoever gets a higher score is supposed to be the bigger fan by the fans.
  • Quizzes like these have taken into account every minute detail and then construct the quiz, making their difficulty extremely hard.

Quizzes are not just challenging but are also extremely enjoyable, which is the reason why they have become so popular. Quizzes are a part of normal people’s lives, and they often take quizzes, be it in school or the online quiz games that they play on their smart devices. Quizzes have been entertaining people around the world and would continue to do so.

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