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Which Heroes Carry Healing Power in AFK Arena?



AFK Arena is an action card video game. This game has many different modes where you can forge your forces and can repel invading armies of the evils that threaten the existence of Esperia. In the AFK arena, you need to collect your favourites heroes and gain experience with them. In simple words, it is a totally a strategized game where different heroes, their skills, and your plan plays a significant role in deciding the result of the game.

Features of AFK arena

In recent times, this game has received a lot of popularity throughout the world. The main reason is that it has many features which make this game more exciting and enjoy full. These features had also attracted several players throughout the world. Here are some essential features of AFK arena-

  • This game has high-quality graphics which gives a realistic feeling.
  • In this game, you can also spend your money on buying heroes to make your battle deck more powerful.
  • They have a very well organized user interface which would help you to play the game more quickly and conveniently.
  • In this game, you are provided with tutorials in the starting, which would give you much knowledge about the game.

Uses of Heroes to Play AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a very famous game throughout the world. In this game, players can collect heroes over one hundred. These heroes are very beneficial in this game and play a crucial role in deciding the result of the game. Here are some uses of these heroes-

  • Heroes are needed to progress and participate in various events and many other activities of the game.
  • Many heroes have some special powers which could help you to win the fight against your enemy more easily.

Some heroes who are healers in AFK arena

You can win your battles without healers when you are at low levels. But as your level increase, the battle with your enemies would get more challenging so that you will need the help of healers. These healers can be helpful for you especially when your opponents will be using shields and other endurance against you. Here are some of the best healths in AFK Arena-

  • Nemora-

In AFK Arena, Nemora has one of the most significant healing effects in the game according to its raw stats. If you can have a team setup that can make it survive for an extended period, then she will be using her ultimate, through which your whole team will run up again. But Nemora also has a problem that it can die off so fast that Nemora’s ultimate heal can be used. So, it’s better to not depend on her.

  • Rowan-

Rowan is one of the best healers of AFK Arena. It is mainly a supportive hero, but it has the ability of 3x healing for the heroes below 50% health. Rowan is a perfect choice if you want to prevent your hero from dying quickly. In simple words, Rowan is a perfect hero for the most team while they require little healing without sacrificing a slot entirely for the healer.

  • Lucius-

This hero is marked as a recovery hero in this game. The reason is that it can heal a hero with the lowest heal. This hero does not have great heal, but the fact is it provides a strong shield, which makes it one of the strongest heroes in AFK Arena.

  • Talene-

This hero is not a primary healer of this game. But it deals with solid damages and also has good survivability. It also has abilities to heal the allies, but it does not depend on its health bar. This makes it hard to predict and also rely on it. If you have Talene’s well ascended and want to go with quick damage, this hero could be very suitable for you.

  • Numisu-

This healer is tough as to rate, and it can have the best work in your team, which would fit entirely around his totems. This hero’s totem can become a target of any AoE damage quickly. That’s why, in recent times, this hero can’t heal well and is also not used by players much.

Some tips to become pro in AFK Arena

Every player of this game wants to become a pro, mainly to show off their skills in front of friends and also to make records. If you have the same dream, using tips and tricks from this guide will help you to become a pro in AFK arena-

  • If you want to become pro in PvP battle, you need to clear some stages of the campaign. This will unlock many of different modes which you can play and can increase your skills.
  • You should let all your heroes destroy your opposition before you upgrade them after completing your battles.
  • You can reset all your heroes at Rickey Cart and use the rewards you get for increasing the Heroes of your Higher Tier.
  • You can select Relics that could boost your heroes health and defence, especially during Labyrinth Playthroughs and also make sure you do not forget to employ the use of your Assistant heroes.
  • You can have a trip to the temple of Ascension after having the three copies of a particular hero.
  • You would check out the tutorials or guide given at the starting of the game. This guide can help you to learn about the game more perfectly.

Nowadays, AFK arena is in trend, and so, if you want to become a pro player in this game, you can start using healer in your battle deck. 


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