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Ways to Save Money on Music: Stop Wasting Money on CDs



How many times have you heard a song on the radio only to find that it was the only good song on the entire CD? This turns into a hassle when you purchase the entire album and you only want the one good song on it. I have found a way that you can get the one song at no or little cost. The local libraries in my town and state have been bringing in tons of CDs and DVDs to borrow for personal use, or you can also try gudanglagu, which allows you to download the music for free.

I have found that they almost always have a CD I am looking for. And if they do not have it, the chances that another library in the state has it are very good. They allow you to borrow 10 at a time so I usually go down every few months or so and check out some CDs I have either wanted to buy or listen to and see what other songs may be on it that I like. This works out best because I can test drive a CD that I would have bought to see if it was worth it or not.

What I then do is save the songs I like to my hard drive to listen to whenever I want to do so. It works out as I have been able to get some songs that I would have had to buy the whole album for. You may have to wait a few days or weeks to get a copy to borrow, but in the long run, it is worth it if you tend to buy CDs on a regular basis.

Another thing you can do is visit a site like Wal-Mart’s music site and download individual songs for under a dollar. Doing this allows you to make a compilation CD of your favorite songs instead of having to lug around a bunch of different ones with select songs on each.

The digital age has allowed us to save some money by offering different options to receive music. Personally, I like the download sections as I now can get the songs that I really wanted and don’t have to get the ones that I don’t. You can also make compilations for people as presents. What better gift than to customize a CD with music that the person enjoys. Start saving money and stop wasting it buying CD’s that only have a few good songs. Hit up the library to test drive a CD or listen to a sample of it online. Any way you slice it; it is a great deal for you.

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