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Top 3 Cbd Hemp Strains with dmagazine- How Much Should You Intake?



Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one compound of over 60 of the cannabis plants. CBD is not psychoactive, meaning you would be experiencing the feeling of “high” with actually getting “high.” Here are the following CBD hemp strains that are rated as the best Quality CBD by dmagazine based on the effect it produces and customer experience.

One of its benefits is that, works best in the daytime as it energizes and makes you feel fresh, as said in dmagazine, making it perfect for use in the morning before work. The effects of this particular CBD are felt solely by its taste that is sweet and sour. They are listed as high-CBD as they have 22.40% cannabinoids and 18% CBD. This well-balanced hemp strain works excellently to make its user feel calm, stay relaxed, and provide a sigh of relief.

The less THC (only 3%) makes it psychoactive side effects free and safe for consumption.

  • Sour diesel

It is a powerful kind as it hits your head and eyes immediately, energizing the body instantly. It also relieves muscle pain and aids with nerve relaxation. It has a fuel-like aroma with a touch of spices that lingers on the nose with a sour lemon fragrance. Smoking this will certainly leave high hits on you.

  • Sour space candy

These slightly sticky and densely packed buds have lemon notes along with a pleasant smell of diesel and grass. Vaping is preferred over oil consumption when it comes to sour space candy due to its dry and herby flavor. It provides instant mental focus and clarity.

How does CBD work inside your body?

Cannabinoids enter into the body and react with cannabinoid receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system. Two cannabinoid receptors are-

  • CB1 Receptors

They are present throughout the body but specifically in the brain. They are responsible for functions like memories, mood, emotions, appetite, etc.

  • CB2 Receptors

They are commonly found in the immune system of the human body. They are responsible for the sensation of inflammation and pain.

The THC reacts with CB1 receptors, and CBD encourages the receptors to produce more cannabinoids by itself.

Figure out the right amount of dosage

The amount of dosage that you must consume depends on a few factors that include your body weight, body chemistry, and the effect on your body of each CBD hemp strain. If you don’t recommend a doctor, try starting with smaller doses and gradually increasing it with time. For example, start with 20g-40g and increase it by 5g next week.

The CBD industry is flourishing as more than 60% of CBD users want to consume it every time. It is already available in a cheeseburger, breath clearing sprays, and toothpicks. It has numerous health benefits, and it is a safe and effective solution for some conditions. Hence, go through the ingredients carefully before buying any CBD hemp product. It will ensure that you get the required benefit.

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