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Tips To Lose Belly Fat – Check The Tips



Obviously fat and weight gained over time can’t be trimmed off with the snap of your fingers. Besides diet and exercise, there are certain lifestyle changes that can increase the odds and the speed in which weight and fat can be lost. Here are simple tips, from researched studies, to lose fat and to make weight loss faster:

BioFit Reviews will allow you to boost the metabolism to have a reduction in the weight. The implementation of the correct tips is essential to have the desired results. You can perform some research for the picking of the correct supplements for reducing the belly fat.

Be Especially Careful to Avoid Fructose Sugars

There is a difference between glucose and fructose sugar, in which fructose results in a greater increase to belly fat. Fructose is found in fruit, fruit juice, soda, and some other foods. Peter Havel, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, did a study with thirty-three obese and overweight adults in which 25 percent of their energy came from either fructose or glucose. The result of the study showed that the fructose participants had an increase in belly fat, while the glucose group showed no increase in belly fat. However, both groups did gain weight.

Bottom line: Having high fructose in your diet will increase belly fat.

Increase Fiber Consumption

Penn State University Researchers recruited 25 obese males and 25 obese females between 20 and 65 years of age. The participants were split into two groups: one group eating a serving of grains only from whole grains and the other group from refined grains. The results showed that both groups lost weight, but the group that ate whole grains had a greater weight loss in the belly area.

In addition, other studies showed that increasing fiber intake by 6 grams a day could have a significant impact on young people’s belly fat and that those who had a relatively higher consumption of whole grains from cereals also had lower belly fat.

It is speculated that the reason whole grains lower body fat is that the fiber slows digestion and prevents blood sugar spikes. High insulin levels have been associated with an increase in abdominal fat.

Bottom line: Make sure to eat 100 percent whole grains without added sugar, such as Post Shredded Wheat, oatmeal, and brown rice.

Tart Cherries and Blueberries

Tart cherries and blueberries contain special ingredients that promote weight loss and a reduction in belly fat.

One study from the University of Michigan showed consuming tart cherries may reduce “abdominal fat, as well as inflammation and triglyceride levels.” They used animal studies to show that the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is in in tart cherries, is likely the ingredient that reduces belly fat.

Another study at University of Michigan showed that a diet rich in blueberries may also reduce belly fat. They studied the effect of freeze-dried blueberries being consumed as 2 percent of calorie intake with either a low- or high-fat diet by a particular strain of rat that is prone to being severely overweight. Ninety days into the study, the rats that received the blueberry-enriched powder had less abdominal fat, lower triglycerides, and lower cholesterol. This is thought to be because of the high level of the antioxidants, phytochemicals.

The high antioxidant and fiber levels are two reason why acai berry is so effective for weight loss. It has nearly ten times the antioxidants as blueberries and loads of fiber.

Read Benefits of Acai Berry for more information.

Eat Lean Protein

Research reported in the Journal of Nutrition showed that lean protein consumption is related to lower belly fat. Examples of lean protein are fish and chicken without skin, and egg whites.

Sodium Should Be Avoided

A lot of foods have sodium, including cereal, fast food, and frozen foods. With sodium, you retain water and can feel bloated.

Enjoy Green Tea

A study in the Journal of Nutrition used 137 overweight or obese adults divided into two groups. One group consumed green tea with 625 milligrams of an antioxidant known as catechins, and the other group did not. Both groups exercised for 180 minutes per week. After 12 weeks, the group that consumed green tea had less abdominal fat than the other group.

Acai Berry Select not only has the benefits of Acai Berry, but also contains green tea and other ingredients meant to promote faster weight loss.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has more calories than is usually realized, plus it causes belly fat. In addition, the calories from alcohol are “empty calories.” The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that women that consume more than one alcoholic beverage per day and men who have more than two, or people who binge one time a week or more, have more belly fat.

Bottom line: The theory is that calories from alcohol are not available for use as energy (empty calories), and therefore get stored as fat.

Reduce Belly Fat

The belly fat cycle:

belly fat leads to more belly fat. Researches from the Lawson Health Research Institute at The University of Western Ontario discovered that belly fat tissue produced a hormone that stimulates fat cell production and makes you more hungry.

Bottom Line:

The more you reduce belly fat, the faster you will lose weight and reduce body fat.

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