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Tips For Investing In Property



Investing in commercial real estate is quite a bit different than trying to flip a house, and totally unlike buying a home that you intend to live in for a while. Making money on commercial real estate is difficult–not impossible, but it takes a lot of time and dedication. The following are some tips for investing in commercial real estate provided by a poway realtor working in this industry for a long time. 

Know What You’re Getting Into

Before taking any steps toward investing in commercial real estate, it would be a good idea to find out all you possibly can about the subject. Researching the terms used in the industry is the first thing you should do. Ask questions of anyone you know who is already in the business. Networking is important in any type of real estate venture, and even more so when it involves commercial properties. The more people within the industry that you get to know them better off you’ll be. Make sure you try and attend seminars on the subject of commercial real estate investment. Educate yourself by reading any material you can find that will give you insight into investing in commercial real estate. The more you know the more informed your choices will be.

Decide on the Type of Property

Owning an apartment complex is vastly different than buying a laundry mat or storefront. Before you begin your search, decide what type of property you’d like to own. Are you buying to open and operate a business or to renovate and resell? Are you going to be a landlord or a restaurateur? If you’re buying an apartment complex, would it be cheaper per unit to buy a large or small complex? Do you intend to buy and renovate an old store or hotel, then sell it for a profit? Have a detailed plan in mind before you start. It’ll save you a lot of headaches down the line.


Once you’ve decided on your course of action, it’s time to think about financing. Having your money lined up before looking for property makes sense. Knowing how much you have to spend will allow you to weed out any properties that are out of your league. Investing in commercial real estate is different than buying a home. The financial arrangements can take a long time. If you’re buying in order to renovate and resell, make sure you’ll have the financing to support yourself while the renovation is being done. Finding a buyer afterward could also take a great deal of time. These details need to be included in your overall plan before seeking financing. Be prepared to wait for all the details to be worked out, and be ready to spend a lot of your time making sure the fine points are all taken care of before signing any papers. Patience is the name of the game in buying commercial real estate

Seeking the Right Property

Once all the details are worked out and you know what kind of property you want, and how much you’re going to spend on it, it’s time to seek out the right property. Do your homework and narrow down your choices to properties that have the potential to offer you the best return on your investment. Once you’ve fine-tuned your search to a couple of promising selections, it’s time for the next step.

Professional Help

Now is the time to enlist the aid of a mortgage broker. Because a mortgage broker doesn’t make any money unless a deal is closed, it stands to reason a good broker will take the time to be with you throughout the process. They want to get paid, and unless a deal can be worked out they don’t make any money. It’s to their advantage to see that you get the best deal you possibly can. Consulting with an accountant and a tax attorney would also be to your advantage. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as too much information or too much preparation before taking the plunge into the world of commercial real estate investment.

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