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The Best Nootropics And Smart Drugs To Improve Mental Health



Nootropics as well as smart drugs are substances that can be ingested to make your mental faculties better. Nootropics or smart drugs can either be natural or synthetic or a combination of both.

Nootropics have become popular as an alternative to Adderall, since Adderall is a prescription medication. Listed below are some of the synthetic and natural Adderall that you can take to improve your focus, concentration, and cognition. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is probably the most popular and most used psychoactive substance worldwide. Caffeine is normally present in coffee, tea, and cocoa. In addition, caffeine is also an ingredient in sodas, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and even medicines. Caffeine is quite flexible, since it can be ingested on its own, as a supplement, or combined with other substances.

Caffeine functions by obstructing adenosine receptors within your mind, causing you to experience tiredness less. Low to medium caffeine ingestion of about 40 up to 300 mg can improve your alertness as well as focus, however, it can reduce your response time. A low to medium caffeine dose is ideal for people who are already tired but want to keep on working on tasks that don’t require much reaction time.

  1. L-Theanine

L-theanine is a natural amino acid present in tea, however it may also be consumed as a health supplement. A number of research have demonstrated that consuming 200 miligrams of L-theanine results in a soothing effect which does not result in sleepiness.

Even a low dose of just 50 mg has shown to improve the activities of alpha waves within the brain. Alpha waves are linked to creativity, which is perfect if your job or task requires you to be creative.

L-theanine has increased effectivity if its ingested along with caffeine. Because of this, they are frequently used mutually in performance-improving dietary supplements. Even better, both of these substances are found naturally in tea. If you drink a tea that contains both, you are essentially getting 2 for one.

  1. Creatine

Creatine is really an amino acid that is required by the body in the creation of protein. Because of this, it is popular as a supplement for people building their body in the gym, since it increases the rate at which muscles grow. In addition to this physical effect, creatine also has a positive effect in a person’s mental capabilities.

This is because after creatine is ingested, it goes inside the brain in which it creates a molecule that is then used by the brain to provide energy to the neuron cells.

The increased energy reserve for brain cells is responsible for improving short term memory while also boosting the reasoning skills of an individual. This is especially effective for people in a vegetarian diet, as well as people currently experiencing stress.

Research has indicated that taking a dose of 5 grams every day is the the safest amount to be ingested long term, so stick to that regime to keep your health.

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