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The #1 Choice Of Vets To Protect Your Pet From Heartworm



When it comes to heartworm prevention in dogs, Heartgard is the number one choice of veterinarians. Heartgard is a monthly chewable tablet given to your pet that prevents heartworms and intestinal parasites from infecting your furry friend. Compared with other preventative treatments, Heartgard is more effective and requires fewer doses per year. With its proven safety record and low cost, it’s no wonder why so many veterinarians prefer this product over others available.

What Is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is an infection caused by parasitic worms living in the arteries of infected animals’ hearts. As these worms grow, they can cause serious health issues ranging from coughing, fatigue and difficulty breathing to severe organ damage or even death if left untreated. While cats can get infected with heartworms, dogs are far more likely to contract the disease due to their higher exposure rate; this makes them especially vulnerable unless proper protection is taken.

How Does Heartgard Prevent Infection?

Heartgard contains ivermectin as its active ingredient which helps prevent heartworm larvae from developing into adult stage worms inside your dog’s body. This medication also aids in killing roundworms and hookworms that live in the intestines of affected animals. When administered once every month as directed by your veterinarian, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will remain protected against these dangerous parasites.

Benefits Of Using Heartgard For Dogs

Apart from preventing infection, there are several benefits associated with using Heartgard for dogs:

• It’s easy-to-administer

unlike some other preventive treatments, you don’t need a prescription or injections when giving your pet their monthly dose of Heartgard; instead just open up the packet insert the chewable tablet directly into Fido’s mouth!

• Cost-effective

because it only needs administering once a month (compared to other products needing multiple doses), you won’t have any unexpected additional expenses throughout the year when using this treatment option for heartworm prevention in dogs.

• Proven safe

there have been no reported side effects associated with using this product on healthy dogs under normal conditions, thus making it ideal for those who worry about potential risks associated with other medications used on pets.

• High success rate

Studies have shown that when used correctly and as directed by a vet, heartworm infections can be prevented in 99% of cases.

Why choose a vet-recommended treatment?

Vets are experts in animal health care, so why not trust their opinion? Choosing vet-recommended treatments like Heartguard means you know you’re getting quality products specifically designed to protect your pet from harmful diseases like heartworms – something every pet owner should strive for! What’s more, most vets will offer discounts or vouchers if you purchase certain products through them, so it pays off in more ways than one!

The bottom line

When it comes to protecting your canine companion from deadly heartworms, investing in a good quality preventative treatment such as Heartguard should be at the top of your list! Not only does this product provide excellent results, but it’s also cost-effective and easy to use, making it an attractive option for busy pet parents out there who want the best for their beloved animal companions.

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