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Tetrahydrocannabinol Delta 8- Beginners’ Guide



Some people would get confused by the title of the article because apart from being a long and complicated word, it pertains to chemistry and difficult equations that is enough to send your brains in knots but luckily, this article isn’t going to be anything of the sort.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical compound mainly found in cannabis and hemp plants from which it is extracted for making CBD products so it needs to be taken for lab testing and given the importance of CBD oil for people grappling with health issues, you would understand the benefits only after seeing the effects yourself.

If you start researching about THC from the internet, you are going to find information of encyclopedic knowledge right from the get go that involves defining characteristics and some detailing as to what exactly it pertains to.

Potency Count

THC has been classified as psychoactive, which means that it is a lethal compound that alters your entire immune system in a negative manner by altering various parts through mood swings and makes you do unforeseen things every now and then.

There are more than 200 varieties of cannabis plants out of which 113 have been identified that have strong medicinal properties that are eventually taken for lab testing so that they are classified as perfect for using for CBD products where you can find CBD oil still being used among elderly folks.

Delta 8 is a strong and potent compound that can cause drastic effects on the body if taken in excess and there was a recent news report where 3 friends went to a shop and bought three packets of cheetos chips out of which two turned out to be fake with strong delta 8 disposable parts in it.

Delta 9 is also part of the conversation that has become a leading figure in this compound as it is said to be more powerful than its previous counterpart and it is simply known as THC among cannabis consumers but it is quite prominent among drug experts.

There is always a debate among them regarding which of 8 and 9 is better than the other due to which they don’t hesitate to voice their opinions on public platforms and there has been constant argument among these experts that make it an interesting thing to be part of.


There are certain health benefits that Delta 8 can offer like reducing swelling inflammation, reducing stress and anxiety that is the root cause of depression and suicide, reduces insomnia, mood enhancement, improves appetite, treats nausea and viable for cancer treatment.

However side effects too are galore when it comes to Delta 8 like increase in heart rate, fatigue, breathlessness, severe insomnia, fluctuating blood pressure, triglyceride increase, paranoid anxiety, hallucination, loss of concentration, etc. to name a few.

There are many debates regarding the competition between Delta 8 and 9 but it goes without saying that the former is a much preferable option given the fact that it is less intoxicating, stimulant and preferable compared to the latter.

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