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Stretch Marks What To Do To Not Appear



Stretch marks are quite burdensome aesthetic defect , which is characterized by the fact that it is relatively difficult to get rid of , but quite easily be prevented . Unfortunately, few people give a damn about stretch marks head until you experience this problem on their own skin . So let’s devote some attention to prevention and to consider what steps you should take to avoid stretch marks.

Where do you get stretch marks ?

How far is missing one , precise and consistent theory of the translator where do stretch marks . But we know so far, that their development is dependent on the impact of several important factors , among which the most important is the rapid tissue growth and changing body weight . An example of a fairly common is the rapid rise upward, occurring during adolescence . It is accompanied by the formation of stretch marks – especially around the knees , hips and back. Similarly, the weight gain associated with the development of both muscle and fat growth is a factor increasing the risk of stretch marks that appear due to the excessive stretching of the skin , accompanied by damage to some of its structures .

As we know , however , stretch marks occur in different people with different intensity . Some units despite the dynamic changes in body weight in general they do not experience , others are formed with much greater intensity. So -individual issues are important here , and also should be taken into consideration. Are linked to the individual’s characteristics to a large extent to the activity of hormones such as cortisol , which negatively affect the structure and function of fibroblasts , the cells that is responsible for production of the structural proteins and forming the dermis responsible for its flexibility. Elevated levels of cortisol may be of a disease , as well as the result from the application of certain drugs and improper lifestyle.

The level of this hormone to some extent, so we can influence what I will write more later in the article .Differentiating factor in susceptibility to the occurrence of stretch marks is also sex. This aspect , of course, we do not have much effect , but it is worth being aware that any, occur. More vulnerable to the problem of stretch marks are women , which on one hand is probably related to the activity of sex hormones classified as estrogen. The exact their role in the pathogenesis of this skin problem is not fully known, the existence of this dependence is, however, confirmed by the results of research. There is no doubt that the stretch marks statistically more common in women because of … pregnancy , which is accompanied by weight gain …

It is also believed that a significant effect on the risk of stretch marks has a way of eating. A diet based on highly processed foods , rich in refined sugars and trans fats and low in essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids selected , fatty acids and minerals promotes the formation of these bothersome and persistent skin lesions. Especially dangerous in this regard are deficiencies of vitamins A , E , C and zinc and magnesium. often also drew attention to the fact that some effect may be permanent dehydration.

Prevention of stretch marks

The most important element in the prevention of stretch marks is to control that body weight did not change dramatically. Stretch marks can occur both when we gain weight rapidly and also when rapid weight loss . Elements to maintain body weight at appropriate bounds are, of course : diet and physical activity . Go ahead so you can venture to say that both diet and regular workout are sensitive element of prevention of this unpleasant condition. The diet should be consistent with our daily energy requirements (if we want to maintain body weight ) or adjusted for a small surplus ( if we want to increase the mass ) or a small deficit ( if you want to lose weight ) . Any drastic solution assuming either a reduction in energy consumption by half or the introduction of monstrous doses of the food may increase the risk of stretch marks.

However, not only the caloric content of the diet and Testogen, but also the consumption of various macro-and micronutrients is essential here . The menu should be full blown , it can not be missing any essential nutrients . Extremely important components of a diet to protect against stretch marks are :

Conceivable symptoms of testosterone treatment include: expanded skin break out, liquid maintenance, expanded pee, bosom broadening, diminished testicular size, diminished sperm check, expanded forceful practices. Testosterone therapy isn’t exhorted for men with prostate or bosom disease. Furthermore, testosterone treatment may demolish rest apnea in more established individuals.

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