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Strength Training Exercise Tips- Check the tips 



Strength training is an integral part of full body fitness. It is done to give the body the capacity to do and endure other exercises such as aerobics and weight loss workouts. Strength is the foundation upon which physical performances is built.

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The more one does strength training workouts, the easier it becomes to lose those extra calories, build some bulk muscle, and go for longer, faster and harder in the workout sessions. Here are some tips on some things you need to consider when doing strength training.

The Big Four

Any strength training program will not be complete if it does not incorporate the big four (deadlift, squats, shoulder press, and bench press). In fact, these four are the most ideal strength building exercises ever invented. The big four are exercises that focus on two primary muscle strength functions, which are pulling and pressing. Some muscles have a better pulling capacity, and others do the pressing. However, all muscles will be active when engaging in either force.

Dumbbells and Barbells

Now, the big four will need some good amount of heavy lifting, and nothing comes close to what you will gain when lifting barbells and dumbbells. The barbell is definitely the king when it comes to bench press, deadlift, and squats. Barbells offer a better way of lifting a lot of weight, and lifting heavy is the way to go when seeking to get stronger. Dumbbells are ideal for building muscles as well as toning them. Using dumbbells also allows you to perform greater movement motions allowing you to attack more muscle groups.

Keep It Simple, But Go Hard

“No Pain No Gain” is always the philosophy when doing strength training exercises. You need to keep things moving forward till you achieve your desired goals. However, in as much as the pain will be inevitable, you still need to keep things simple. Appreciate the fact that you need to start light working your way up to the heavier weights.

Take your time even when going hard. Do the workouts in reps, and pause for a second or two at even the downward pull or the top of the lift for each exercise you perform. Never forget to count your reps. In short, you need to keep track of what you are doing. Avoid focusing on a certain set of muscles, which means avoid doing just a select type of exercise. Focus on full body strength building.

Your Effort and a Bit of Assist

It takes both your effort and some assistance from a workout partner or professional trainer to ensure you achieve a balanced body strength. Doing many heavyweights pulls, and presses doesn’t mean you will get quick results. You might just end up damaging your muscles. The right approach is to focus on doing one session on your own. It can be just one or two of the big four exercises.

You can then focus on doing the remaining exercises with some assistance. It would also be nice to incorporate some assistance once you feel the muscle (s) are hit to their limit. A few calf moves and exercises that focus on your forearm and abs will also be a good way to end your strength training exercise sessions to keep a balance and strengthen the muscles further.

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