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Showcase Mod For Minecraft 1.10.2 (1.12.2 Not Yet)



Have you ever imagined if one day you can actually display your items with cool animations to show all people out there that your items are really interesting and worth the money in their pocket? That would be absolutely awesome, but hey talking about this, it’s probably about the business right? Anyway, it doesn’t always have to be this way though, it depends on individual preference, let’s see what you will utilize this Showcase Mod

Showcase Mod is a mod that might not be that interesting for those who always do things without concern of hardship as they are hardcore players who focus on the battling scene instead of the mechanics of the game. Anyway, this mod will do exactly just like the title says which will provide you a new way to display your items as if they were in a showcase.

Just want to let you guys know that it’s worth downloading and using this mod as it won’t overhaul any aspects of the game and you can still have full access  Minecraft accounts, but simply add the showcase block. Actually, this mod works quite like a plugin though as it can be used by the host or any shop owners within particular servers to display their items that are on sale. Nevertheless, it’s not exactly like that because this one has implemented the ideas of the based plugin with better and various improvements and functionalities to be much better and smoother. It comes with a clean UI that is really easy to navigate around as well as pleasant to the eyes.

The items that you would like to display in the showcase block will be outstanding because it’s obviously made of transparent glass that will make every aspect of the view outside of this block to focus on the particular items inside, so if you can’t decide which mod to use as a displayer for your items, I would recommend you guys to have this Showcase Mod a go!

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