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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management Social media Essex?



So should you outsource your social media management…? If you add regular updates on your Facebook fan pages, fill your Twitter stream with quality tweets and manage the responses as well as add beautifully written blogs to complement your social media stable… you don’t need a social media manager or there is no need to buy TikTok likes cheap as well… but a bit of focus may be helpful and a serious social media strategy will probably help you fly…

If however you are doing none of the above or are doing it badly… a social media manager will be a great help to your business… The chances are you are in Essex, London, or Hertfordshire and your business is aiming at clients in those locations… and The Social Media Cafe will work with you to focus on the people you should be interacting with…

Social media is really not a scary prospect and for businesses, in your local area it really should be thought of as a trip to the local pub or wine war… and actually, you should wherever possible be interacting with them yourself…. obviously, as a small business (or even often as a larger one) you are pushed for time, and finding the right person for the job is often a nightmare. We find that managing social media with our clients that a little interaction with them is often fun. helpful and very productive rather than taking over the wholesale promotion and online management of their business.

We have trained many people to implement and manage their own social media scheduling and interaction… and if they have the time to do it we arm them with the tools and nudge them along as we see the on-line… we have also had clients who really have no interest at all in being on-line and the very thought of any social media activity turns them cold… so we happily liaise with them on what they wish to communicate and produce blogs, tweets and Facebook posts to populate their social media presence…

Yes, wherever possible I wholeheartedly believe you should have input and engagement with your clients yourself… if you know that is never going to happen there are alternatives and I think something is better than nothing.. after all, your competition may think differently… so if you can outsource your payroll services, your call answering, and your VA what’s so very wrong with a social media manager doing a professional job for you?

However, you really should consider what you are paying for. I tried hard not to smile at a conversation at a business event where a couple of people were discussing it. One outsources what I can only describe as broadcasting to a person in the far east. Quite often their stream has odd items that are completely unfocused and sometimes quite strange. A language barrier will often produce such things. There is little in the way of interaction or engagement or even focus. Another is paying a VA rate to someone to do it for them, it is a lot more focused but again just broadcasting and with none of the quality or in-depth focus, engagement, interaction, and google penetration they could be achieving.

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