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Sand Coin Ethereum Based Platform For Sand Marketing In Russia



Sand Coin is a startup of Russian origin that seeks to facilitate the access of the sand, as raw material, to the construction and infrastructure companies of the country, through the creation of its own criptmoneda based on the blockchain of Ethereum, sandcoin (SND) . It is an initiative that will contribute closely to a real sector of the economy

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This initiative is born from the need to provide construction companies with the sand they need to carry out their projects . This is because Moscow and the surrounding areas are inefficient areas in terms of road and transport infrastructure: freeways are constantly congested, adversely affecting the environment and the work performance of many people due to traffic delays.

In Moscow, several projects are already planned to overcome these difficulties by building new road arteries. However, they are still waiting to get the project under way. In addition, plans are also being made to demolish old houses to build new ones in their place, as well as to reinforce infrastructures that require maintenance.

Sand Coin seeks to contribute to this cause by being one of the main sand suppliers in the region. The team has a quarry whose length is approximately 109 Hectares , which is ready for the extraction and commercialization of sand in Moscow and throughout the country.


The cryptomoneda of this project, the sandcoin, has the particularity of being backed by the real value of the sand, the value of which is equal to 1 m³ (cubic meter) of sand per SND unit. The fact that this cryptodivisa is backed by a real value makes it unaffected by the volatility of the cryptographic market, being always tied to the price of the cubic meter of sand.

The ICO began on September 18 , and SND can be obtained at a price between $ 1.25 and $ 1.35 per unit. In contrast, in the current sand market the cubic meter of this is quoted at US $ 5.30 , being, for now, much cheaper to invest in SND. But the purpose of the initiative is to bring its cryptomoneda at the same market price. The minimum amount of collection expected during the ICO was $ 1,175,000, an amount that was already achieved and exceeded.


The project plans, once ICO is completed , is to build the infrastructure for the extraction of sand between October of this year and April of 2018, to start producing sand in the quarry and start up the project for the next month of May. The Sandcoin quarry has a length of 109 Hectares , and by 2020, the project is expected to have a second quarry for the same purpose.

Recently the Premier League football player, Hal Robson-Kanu, joined the Sandcoin investors, expressing an interest in the ICO of this project.

According to Ruslan Pichugin, CEO of Sandcoin, he had a telephone conversation with Robson-Kanu, and received an invitation from the player to London to discuss future negotiations. The famous soccer player is familiar with the criptomonedas and with the business of the infrastructure constructions. His intention to invest in Sandcoin is based on Russia’s reputation as a promising market in this sector of the economy.

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