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Realistic Weight Loss Goal Vs Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals



Many people are unaware of the importance of setting a realistic weight loss goal when they are trying to lose weight. Too many people know how much weight they want to lose and in the amount of time they want to lose the weight.

However, in the vast majority of situations the amount of weight and the time frame a person allows themselves for losing the weight is sabotaging their outcome. The only way to succeed in weight loss is by being realistic in setting your ultimate goal as well as your short term goals.

If you set an unrealistic weight loss goal for yourself you are almost setting yourself up for failure right from the start. For example, if you decide your weight loss goal for one month is 75 pounds, likely you will not meet that goal. You want your goals to be reachable not unreachable. As you get closer to your goal you can push it up a little higher.

Here are some steps you can use when setting your goals. Use these as your stepping stones for the perfect goals for your individual weight loss needs. Be sure you write down your short term goals and your long term goals for every day. If you plan to take a day off each week write it down.

Be as specific as possible when making short term goals. For example, instead of writing exercise for 30 minutes every day write what you are going to do every day for the 30 minutes of exercise (brisk walk, swimming etc.)

After every day of your diet and exercise routine you should write down what you did for the day. For example, the meals and snacks you ate, exercises you did and beverages you had throughout the day

Keep yourself positive. At the end of the day write down how you feel about meeting your goal or another reason losing the weight is important to you. Maintain an ‘I can’ attitude instead of ‘I can’t’ attitude.

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