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Plumbing Courses As A Bright Career For You



Construction is one of the few areas that are constantly innovating with the latest technology and inventions. In fact, 58% of construction leaders say that they expect the most change in the industry in the next five years than the innovations that have taken place within the last 50 years. Thus, an exciting future lies ahead for construction and related fields. 

Plumbing is one such field. It is a field that can’t be replaced by machines or robots. Indeed, one of the remaining ones still requires a human touch. Plumbers are professionals that are still in demand and will be in the future since both businesses and homes require their services for their plumbing systems. 

It is one of the few careers that offer good prospects in terms of salary and benefits, and it has several different branches that may interest you. If you consider a calling as a plumber, we advise that you go through this article to know more about the field. 

We have detailed some of the different career prospects in plumbing. Take a look below. 

  • Plumbing technicians and emergency plumbers 

This is the most basic form of plumbing, which is also what we are most familiar with. Basic training in plumbing trains you to be a plumbing technician or emergency plumber. They are present in almost all cities and counties. So, for example, folks in the North London region can find emergency plumbers in north London when needed, as it is a common profession and professional plumbers are available.

As an emergency plumber, you can serve a wide array of clients. Emergency plumbers possess knowledge regarding the installation and repair of various water systems. They can also help to repair sinks, showerheads, and other water-using appliances. In addition, technicians can diagnose plumbing issues and guide their customers towards making the right decision regarding water fixtures. 

  • Pipefitters specialists

It is a more specialized form of plumbing that you can undertake after completing basic training. This type of plumbing expertise comes in handy in industries like power and industrial plants. 

These specialists are capable of performing maintenance and installation of pipes in these industrial plants. They are also responsible for monitoring power systems such as heaters and cooler systems. They may be also required to innovate further by installing automated controls for these processes. 

  • Pipelayers specialists

These are other types of specialized pipefitters. Their expertise lies in the laying of major pipe works. They are part of teams that lay major pipelines for gas, steam, water, and sewage pipelines. They have to calculate the area required for the pipe, take part in the digging of trenches for the same, and oversee the laying of the pipes. 

  • Steamfitters 

Pipefitters and steamfitters undergo similar training. Where they diverge is in the fact that steamfitters need more training than pipefitters. They have to take specialized courses for them to become certified steamfitters. They are in charge of laying down that high-pressure transport materials like gas, crude oil, and so on. 

  • Project managers 

While this may seem like it is unrelated to the profession itself, it is an important role in the field. Not only do we need plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters, we also require someone to supervise their work. 

Management skills are important in almost all fields and can lead to quick promotions. If you already have this skill set, it will come in handy. Otherwise, you can take a course on management skills to hone your skills. For example, a plumbing manager oversees the day-to-day tasks of the plumbers in their crew. They have to ensure that the work undertaken is done well, keeping in compliance with safety standards and work ethics. They give the best and in affordable prices.


Plumbing is an arena with a large scope for opportunities and fields to explore and build up your portfolio. Plumbing has become a popular career option over the years. There is a high demand for skilled professional plumbers, leading to renewed interest in this field. It is also a great personal skill set as you can use these skills for your own home. There are plenty of clients in the home, business, and industry fields looking for plumbers to take care of their plumbing systems. Due to the high demand for younger plumbers who can stand for long hours and won’t tire of running around, it is a bright career path for you to consider. 

All the various branches that have been discussed in this article and up-and-coming fields certainly hold promise for young, aspiring plumbers. There are also plenty of education courses and resources you can refer to in your journey to becoming a plumber. In addition, there are lots of training workshops and night classes that you can refer to.


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