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Paleo Bodybuilding Is For Everyone Male And Female Who Just Needs A Strong Lean Body



Unfortunately most people interested in getting a better, stronger and leaner body can find the information they are looking for only on the specialized magazines which all falsely present the professional bodybuilders as athletes that have reached their spectacular sizes just thanks to their correct dieting and high-intensity training methods. They do not mention that these champions are individuals highly genetically fitted for this sport in conjunction with years of cycles of intaking large quantities of steroids, growth hormones, insulin, and the likes.

These magazines therefore divulge training systems that have been tested just for those individuals, systems that are absolutely inconceivable for regular guys like most of us are.

And the same training routines are advised also to people who join a gym hoping to get sound advise on how to get a better body. But because the majority of them are not physically over gifted and (hopefully) will not have the possibility to take the necessary amounts of muscle-growth drugs, they will not get any muscular improvement from their efforts at all, on the contrary,they will loose their money and damage their bodies.

Training Frequency

The minimum interval between workouts of the same muscle has to be 7-8 days for safety measures.

If you are a normally genetically gifted individual and do not take large amounts of steroids and try to train like those bodybuilders do: twice a day, 4-5 days a week, performing 10-12 exercises per body part, 3-4 sets per exercise, 12-24 reps per set, you will kill yourself in a couple of months.

Additionally bear in mind the fact that if you are not a fast gainer (like most people are) your body will need an average of 7-8 days rest time to recover from the fatigue (a little less for fast gainers) between workouts, to regenerate your lost energy. There is no muscular growth without recovering.

So, the first principle of the Paleo Training is that the training has to be infrequent.

Duration Of A Workout

Workout duration must be kept short, generally between 45 and 90 min because the body under heavy stress (both physical and physiological) produces cortisol which metabolizes (will damage) your muscular structure. Cortisol emission gets very high after 90 min of intense effort.

The other hormone released during training is Testosterone, which is a good thing because it is an important co-factor for muscular growth. Check out the list of over the counter testosterone boosters that are reliable and can be used in case you decide to used supplements to boose the production of testosterone levels in your body.

So, the second principle of the Paleo Training is that the training has to be short to keep the good hormone high and avoid that the bad hormone rises to dangerous levels.

Because you have only from 45 to 90 min available for your workout, in order to prevent cortisol levels to rise excessively, the workout organization has to be constructed on a very few basic exercises where the muscular groups are appropriately chosen to avoid using a group trained less than 5-7 days before. This will allow you to use heavy loads which will stress the muscles more.

Notice that I referred to “muscular groups”, I did not say “the muscle”. That is because our muscular system works in muscular groups, not in muscles isolation. And here it must be said that the much-preached theory that a muscle in order to grow has to be trained in isolation is completely wrong

Another typical recommendation of the magazines and gym trainers is that you have to hit the muscle from various angles to make it grow is useless. To make your muscles grow you just have to hit them hard by properly increasing the load.

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