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Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Health Tips: Eating Healthier on the Go



Healthy Snacks On the Go – When the last thing on your mind is slowing down to be healthy.

In a world that is becoming smaller and faster by the day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. The “most important meal of the day,” breakfast is being replaced with fast food, donuts, and even worse being skipped entirely. Additionally, you can try out these leptoconnect reviews to learn about another perfect alternative that you can add to your diet plan. 

We are spending so much time sitting behind a desk, driving around in traffic, and running errands, that it has become essential to eat on the run. People that live on the go need to have quick and easy alternatives for when they are not in their kitchen. Unfortunately, these alternatives are popping up on each and every corner in the form of fast-food restaurants and convenience stores. More often than not these options offer low-quality food that does not promote healthy living. There are a few exceptions but for the most part, people looking for healthy snacks on the go need to plan in advance. The best way to do this is to turn your places on the go into mobile pantries. It started with mobile phones, now welcome to the age of the mobile pantry. It’s the age where your car, desk, office, and person are stocked with healthy snacks for when you are on the go. It is recommended to find or prepare single-serving portions as size does matter in the future. Are you ready? It’s time to take a step into the future, so buckle your safety belts, continue reading, and enjoy the ride.

Let’s start with our on the go vehicle-

When looking to convert our cars into a “traveling pantry” you must first look at the advantages and disadvantages of your place of storage.

The advantages of converting cars are obvious. Unless your automobile has already been converted into an office or hampers there is an abundance of room for storage. Another advantage is that our car travels most places that we go so it can also be used to restock our desk, office, and person. The major disadvantage of using our car is climate control. You can take advantage of the cold weather by using your car as a glorified refrigerator but the warm weather is very good at spoiling our food stash. Given the right conditions you can store anything in your car, just be aware that Mother Nature is notorious for being uncooperative, unpredictable, and inconsistent. Try to avoid food that will spoil, leak, smell, melt, or potentially ruin your transportation

Healthy snacks for your car regardless of weather include but are not limited to;

Nuts – Can handle the most extreme of both conditions (unless chocolate-covered).

Graham Crackers – A delicious and nutritious snack.

Baked Potato Chips – Perfect if you are craving a light salty snack.

Granola Bars – Sure beats a candy bar at least in the healthy department

Cereal – Breakfast, the most important meal at all times.

Popcorn – Make sure it’s air-popped and you’ll keep yourself light and healthy too.

Don’t limit yourself to this list; these are only a few of the items you could store in your “traveling pantry.”

Stepping out of the car and stepping into your office

The advantages an office can offer in creating a “working pantry” are a stable environment to store healthy snacks and potentially a refrigerator. The major disadvantage of converting your office into a “working pantry” is that unless you are the CEO the amount of space you have is limited. Your desk has limited space for food and even though you have a refrigerator it is most likely being shared by all your co-workers. When stocking your “working pantry” be very space conscious. No one wants to be that guy/gal who is taking up the entire refrigerator or whose desk looks like Walbaums.

Healthy snacks for your office and desk that don’t take up much real estate;

Yogurt – A tasty, healthy, and tiny treat. Perfect

Fruit – Most fruit does not need to be refrigerated and can reside on your desktop.

Nuts – Bring them from your “mobile pantry” to your “working pantry”

Peanut Butter – Stick a jar on your desk. It’s a versatile companion.

Instant Oatmeal – Store loose packets in your desk draw.

Veggies – Refrigerate cut up celery and carrots for peanut butter dipping.

Raisins -Takes up virtually no space.

Dark Chocolate – Sweet treat loaded with antioxidants.

Granola – Eat it on its own, put it in yogurt, maybe a little peanut butter.

Whole-grain crackers – Store a sleeve in your desk drawer for a hungry moment.

Your “working pantry” is a great place for a variety of healthy snacks. Although your space is limited your options are endless. Each and every item in your “traveling pantry” could easily find its way into your “working pantry.” Get creative, experiment, and combine the above foods together. Great things will happen. How else do you think trail mix and peanut butter cups were created?

People can be pantries too

Our limitations at being a pantry are quite obvious. Our climate, although consistent is not conducive to storing most items, and our space is extremely limited. The “human pantry” does have one major advantage. There will never be a point in time where you are out of contact with it. When stocking your “human pantry” you need to take one thing into account, women make better pantries then men do. In the future men will no longer be looking for a woman to procreate with as a mate. Men will be looking for an efficient “human pantry” as their companion. Ladies this is the perfect time to ask for that $700 Prada bag.

Healthy snacks for storage in your purse, pocket, bag, or companion;

Nuts – Look for single-serve packages. Small enough to be stored in a jeans pocket.

Trail Mix – Single-serve is a must. Avoid items that melt like chocolate.

Raisin – The boxes are so tiny. You can fit them anywhere.

Granola bar – Go with the crunchy and not the chewy, unless you like it really chewy.

Ladies with $700 purses can also store any of the items found in their “traveling pantry” in their “human pantry.” Seriously guys this may be worth the investment or get yourself a man purse.

The Future is now

The traveling, working, and office pantries are on the market right now free of charge. At first, the conversion will take some effort but it will be worth the time. There is no need to wait for flying cars, lasers, and time travel.

Remember, the future of eating healthy on the go is right under our nose… in our pocket

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